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CBS: Purchasing power up after four years of decline


Greatest increase purchasing power for employees All Dutch population groups saw their purchasing power rise in a period of slow economic recovery. Employees improved the most with 2.7 percent. The greatest increase within this group was for civil servants with 3.7 percent. Spending power of employees improved partly because their pension contributions were reduced, which had the greatest impact on incomes of civil servants. The self-employed saw very little improvement with an average 0.3 percent, but this was on a wide-ranging scale. A ... Read More »

CBS: Nearly 24 billion euro in environmental taxes


Taxes mainly on vehicles, fuel and energy consumption The Dutch government collected 19.4 billion euros in environmental taxes and 4.5 billion in environmental levies. The taxes are used towards the government’s general reserve, and are mainly linked to the ownership and use of cars or motorcycles as well as to energy consumption. Major items are the motor vehicle tax (5.4 billion), excise duties on fuel (7.9 billion) and energy taxes on natural gas and electricity (4.4 billion). Environmental levies are used to finance specific environmenta... Read More »

GfK: Looks count when buying tech products


In anticipation of a number of new technology gadgets being launched this summer, GfK has released international findings on how important the look and style of a technology product is to consumers, in deciding which one to buy. Across all 22 countries surveyed, one in three consumers (33 percent) firmly agree that look and style is very important, compared to less than one in ten (nine percent) who firmly disagree – and this balance is exactly the same for both men and women. The looks and style of technology products are most important ... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Job creation on the menu for food & drink firms


Food and drink producers in England and Wales will create more than 73,000 new jobs by 2020 100 per cent of survey respondents predicting growth in the next five years 72 per cent of businesses planning to export, up 9 per cent on 2014, capitalising on the provenance of their produce Lack of skilled labour cited as ‘one of the biggest challenges facing the food and drink industry today’ The report, Investing for Growth, found confidence strong across Britain’s biggest manufacturing sector, with firms planning to develop innovative new ... Read More »

Aviva: Rising incomes mask growing inequality amongst UK families


The typical family’s monthly income reaches a three-year high of £2,126 But at least one in ten survives on less than half this amount as the gap between family types widens Monthly savings habits reach a record high as rainy day funds increase But 26% of families are still not saving and average debts have also risen – leaving many unprotected against unforeseen events The last six months have seen the typical family’s income reach its highest point since March 2012. Better savings habits also mean the typical family is saving a recor... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Almost four in ten say they won’t need cash in ten years time as contactless proves popular for many


43% of people look to contactless payments as the payment method of the future. Within the next five years, one in three (34%) expect to be using a mobile device on a day-to-day basis to make payments. By 2025, over one in five (22%) think they will be regularly using their fingerprint to pay for goods and services. Over four in ten (43%) agree that contactless payments are the future, whilst a quarter (25%) think that in five years’ time they will no longer need cash to pay for goods or services. Recent data from the UK Cards Associa... Read More »

CBS: Dutch exports to Russia almost reduced by half


Within the space of one year, the Russian share in Dutch exports of goods decreased from 1.43 percent to 0.89 percent. Russia as export destination for the Netherlands fell from 12th to 19th position. Exports of tractors and cheese fell most dramatically The category machinery and transport equipment is the largest export category for the Netherlands to Russia. This goods category declined most dramatically. Over the first four months of this year, 473 million euros worth of goods belonging to this category were exported to Russia, versus... Read More »

Immigration is Europeans’ biggest concern, poll finds


Thirty-eight percent of Europeans regard immigration as their main policy priority, the spring Eurobarometer poll published on Friday (31 July) found, a 14 point increase from last autumn. Migration has been pushed up the political agenda as thousands of migrants from north and sub-Saharan Africa cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life in Europe. According to Frontex, the EU’s border agency, 153,000 migrants had landed in Europe by the end of June this year, a 150 percent increase on 2014. The largest numbers of migrants ha... Read More »

CBS: More than 10 million online shoppers


Nearly 8 million people regularly buy online Last year, 10.4 million internet users in the age category 12-74 bought goods or services online. In recent years, the number of frequent e-shoppers has risen steadily from 3.9 million in 2005 to 7.9 million in 2014. Since 2011, the growth rate has slowed down: in 2013, there were 7.5 million frequent e-shoppers. Another 2.5 million people occasionally bought goods and/or services over the internet in 2014, about as many as in 2013. Approximately 2 million internet users have not made online purch... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Secret savings hoard tops £3.7 billion


Total UK secret savings at £3.68 billion, up from £3.05 billion in 2014 One in ten people in a relationship in the UK keep some of their savings secret from their partner The average UK couple now keeps 68% of their savings and investments in sole accounts Londoners keep the highest proportion of their savings in sole accounts at 75% The Secret Savers One in ten (10%) people in the UK keep some of their savings secret from their partner. Women are more likely to keep secret savings than men, with 11% of women with partners keepin... Read More »

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