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Tourism trips – In 2012, 85% of trips abroad by EU residents were in Europe Main means of transport: by car


Tourism trips In 2012, 85% of trips abroad by EU residents were in Europe Main means of transport: by car In 2012, EU28 residents made 1.2 billion trips of one night or more. Almost half of these trips (48%) were for holidays and leisure, 35% for visits to relatives and friends, 13% for business and 4% for other reasons. The average trip length was 5.2 nights. The most common means of transport for trips was private or rented cars1 (65%), followed by air planes (15%), trains (12%), buses (6%) and water vessels (2%). Of the number of total trips... Read More »

Aviva: Many misjudge how much money they need for retirement


£15,000pa needed to fund holidays, motoring and hobbies in retirement Three in ten over 40s have no plans in place to fund their retirement Six in ten wish they had started to put money aside for their retirement earlier Researchers found that after finishing work, the average Brit intends to go on three holidays a year, one of which is abroad, run a car and also fill their time with a host of new hobbies and activities. But with bills and day-to-day living expenses to cover as well, that means the average pensioner needs to have almo... Read More »

EIB: EUR 1 billion for schools


This is the first EIB loan for schools on a national scale. It will specifically enable new buildings to be constructed to high environmental quality standards or even obtain the positive energy label. The refurbishments will lead to energy savings by improving the buildings’ energy efficiency. “Our priority is to support a competitive and responsible energy transition. And this is key to boosting growth and jobs, especially for young people in France. This is how Europe works: first and foremost, concrete targeted action in the heart of the... Read More »

MasterCard: Retailers believe Amex and Diners Club should be included in EU Regulation


The survey was conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of MasterCard, interviewing high value retailers across six European countries to investigate their views on proposed EU payments legislation. So called three party card schemes, such as American Express and Diners Club, are currently largely excluded from the scope of the draft rules. This is despite the fact that the European Commission acknowledges that they operate an implicit interchange fee model – similar to that applied by four-party models, such as MasterCard. The majority (55%) of... Read More »

Barclays: Gadget mad Brits spend £355 a year on new Technology devices, but nine in ten dont have the knowhow to make the most of them


Brits have bought over 70 million gadgets in the last 12 months Nearly one third of Brits lack the knowhow to explore their own devices to the full Only 6% of Brits use the full functionality of their tech Despite the nation's desire to own the latest gadgets, the findings published by Barclays, show that nearly a third (29 per cent) of the UK population could benefit from support to use the digital devices or gadgets they currently own, so they feel more confident to fully make the most of them. 94 percent of Brits admit to not using... Read More »

GfK: Interest rate decision causes propensity to save to plummet, but boosts purchasing mood


The ECB's renewed cut of its key interest rate to 0.15 percent and its introduction of a penalty rate on bank deposits placed with the central bank have provided an important boost to the consumer climate in Germany and been a significant factor in the indicator rising this month. This fiscal policy decision has had a strong negative impact on the propensity to save. The improvement in willingness to buy is also at least partially attributable to this factor. In contrast, there was almost no change in income expectations, with the indicator onl... Read More »

Barclays: ‘Modest must-haves’: report reveals income expectations for later life


Research conducted with over 2000 individuals highlights relatively modest expectations in later life The top three retirement ‘must haves’ are reported as: being able to pay off money owed, taking a two-week holiday abroad each year and being able to run a car The report, entitled ‘Steps Towards a Living Pension’ introduces the new concept of a Living Pension - the income level defined contribution (DC) pension scheme members feel that they would require to maintain an adequate lifestyle in retirement. In the way that the UK Living Wage i... Read More »

Operation HOPE and MasterCard partner to offer Your Money Smarter


Through the Your Money Smarter program, HOPE clients will be able to determine their spending personality and receive customized tips to maximize every dollar, simply by texting HOPE to 57320. “Through the Your Money Smarter, mobile texting program, Operation HOPE and MasterCard will be able to promote targeted responsible money management to more people, more quickly,” said HOPE CEO, New York and Division President of Youth Empowerment Group Mary H. Ehrsam. “Financial literacy is the key to making smart money decisions. We are pleased to jo... Read More »

Star Alliance Chief Executive Board approves Air India Membership


The integration teams at Air India, Star Alliance and its member carriers will now complete the last necessary work in order to ensure that Air India can offer all Star Alliance customer benefits from July 11th, 2014 onwards. Commenting on the decision, Jeffrey Goh, Star Alliance COO said: “We restarted the re-integration with Air India in December last year and just half a year later we are ready to confirm the official joining date. We look forward to welcoming Air India passengers to our global network and offering them our Alliance benef... Read More »

Allianz: The rise of the billion-dollar building: new heights, new challenges


2014 sees the 100th “supertall” building of over 300 meters built worldwide. More than half of world’s tallest buildings have been built in last four years, with the total supertall category almost tripling in the last seven years. The high rise boom in Asia and Middle East leads the way, accounting for 90% of recent supertall projects. With values often exceeding US$1 billion, the latest supertall or “megatall” (600 meters-plus) buildings pose new challenges for insurers as well as for architects and contractors. The growth of the wor... Read More »

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