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Songwon Industrial Group announces Financial Results for Q3/2014


Songwon Industrial Group ( today announced its audited financial results for Q3. The Group achieved sales of 164,868 Mil. KRW. When compared to sales in Q3/2013 (Mil. KRW 175,800), revenue declined by 6.2%. In Million KRW Q3 YTD September 2014 2013* ∆% 2014 2013* ∆% Sales 164,868 175,800 -6.2% 500,675 523,102 -4.3% Gross profit 25,944 31,292 -17.1% 70,197 95,800 -26.7% Gross profit margin 15.7% ... Read More »

GfK: Germany knocks USA off best nation top spot after 5 years


USA is downgraded heavily by Russia and Egypt for role in global peace and security Russia is only nation to suffer a precipitous global reputation drop; their score drop for “peace and security” is the largest for any single attribute After holding the number one place since 2009, the USA has this year been pushed down to second place by Germany, which now takes the lead in the Anholt-GfK Nation Brands IndexSM (NBISM). People around the world now have more positive perceptions of Germany than of 49 other developed and developing count... Read More »

Largest ever EIB loan provides GBP 1.5 billion for National Grid investment


“Investment in the UK electricity transmission network is essential to prepare for future demand, connect new sources of renewable energy and upgrade old facilities. This agreement, the largest ever single loan to be provided by the European Investment Bank, reflects both the scale of energy investment needed and National Grid’s own experience in implementing such a diverse capital investment programme.” said Jonathan Taylor, European Investment Bank Vice President. Malcolm Cooper, Global Tax and Treasury Director at National Grid highlighte... Read More »

GfK: 76 percent of Brits would like a smarter home – they just don’t want to pay for it


Which capabilities of the smart home appeal most? GfK’s research shows: At 84 percent, the most appealing function is energy meters connected to the grid to help control costs. 28 percent are willing to pay for this 67 percent were attracted to a remote controlled home. Like something from science fiction, this smart home unlocks the door as you arrive and has everything ready for you – the lighting is on, the radio is playing, the oven is heating ready to cook your dinner, the bath is run etc. At 51 percent more people are prepared to pa... Read More »

Purchases on tablets set to surge this Christmas, and Black Friday takes hold in the UK


70% of retailers are feeling more confident about Christmas trading compared to last year, which includes 28% who said they are far more confident. This festive cheer compares favourably to last year, when just over half (52%) were feeling optimistic about the trading period ahead. The majority of those surveyed (72%) also said that they expected revenues to increase, with over a fifth (21%) expecting sales to increase by 10% or more, compared to 2013. Retailers are expecting to see growth across all of their sales channels over Christmas, w... Read More »

Allianz: Traffic accidents is number one worldwide cause of death among youths


One-third of all traffic deaths are youths Annual: 18 road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants worldwide Germany ranks 5th in traffic death rates in the EU Whether a traffic-related death of a youth occurs in a low-, middle- or high-income country plays an insignificant role. According to AZT, youth traffic deaths vary only slightly between 31.5 percent in low-income countries, 32.0 percent in middle-income countries and 28.5 percent in high-income countries. A global issue not only affecting youth Every year, nearly 1.3 million peo... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Million pound home sales at an all-time high


46% increase in million pound property sales from H1 2013 Premium property sales out-perform under £1m market* The 6,143 million pound property sales in the first half of the year represented a 46% increase compared to the same period in 2013 when sales totalled 4,198. In fact, million pound home sales have grown by 345% since the first half of 2009, when sales in this market segment were at their lowest (1,382) point in the past decade. Million pound home sales outperform the rest of the market, but still a very small share of the over... Read More »

Black Friday is the new Boxing Day: Canadian consumers see no difference between holiday shopping discount days, Accenture study finds


Large decline in cross-border shopping expected this holiday season There is a new U.S. trend that is winning over Canadian shoppers for having the best deals of the holiday season: Black Friday, the day after U.S. Thanksgiving, according to Accenture’s (NYSE:ACN) 2014 holiday shopping survey. The survey revealed that the traditional Canadian holiday of Boxing Day is losing its prominence among consumers for having the best deals of the season, as the popularity of Black Friday shopping has grown since last year. The survey found that Can... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: £500 a month in spare cash for the average UK person


Surprisingly, seven in ten people, have at least a quarter of their full time salary left each month after covering household bills and essentials Based on the average salary for those in full time employment, that leaves around £500 per month in spare cash Further to this, a third have at least half (about £1075) of their income remaining each month After paying bills and buying essential items like food, seven in ten of UK full-time workers has at least a quarter of their monthly income left over for discretionary spending. Based on th... Read More »

Partnership: Half of over-40s believe they will be paying a mortgage or rent in retirement


While people aspire to owning their own home, a significant amount will still be making mortgage repayments (av. £514 per month or 47% of retirement income) when they retire. In addition, with 35% of households in England living in social or private rental accommodation, a number of retirees will need to meet these costs in later life (av. £399 per month or 37% of retirement income). As people age and either purchase property or repay their mortgage this changes the number who expect to be meeting these costs in retirement but 18% of 66-70 y... Read More »

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