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EU Solidarity Fund: €66.5 million for Bulgaria, Italy and Romania after severe flooding


The aid — €1.98 million to Bulgaria, €56 million to Italy and nearly €8.5 million to Romania — aims to partially cover the emergency costs of recovery operations following floods. It will particularly help restore vital infrastructure and services, reimburse the cost of emergency and rescue operations, and cover some of the clean-up costs in the disaster-stricken regions. Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Crețu said: "The EU Solidarity Fund is one of our strongest symbols of solidarity in times of need. In many cases, the financial aid... Read More »

Despite increased use of electronic medical records, fewer U.S. doctors believe it improves health outcomes, Accenture survey shows


A new survey by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) found that most U.S. doctors are more proficient using electronic medical records (EMR) than they were two years ago, but fewer believe that EMR has improved treatment decisions, reduced medical errors or improved health outcomes. The U.S. findings, part of a six-country survey of more than 2,600 physicians, including roughly 600 in the United States, found that healthcare IT use among doctors has averaged double-digit growth, since Accenture conducted a similar survey in 2012. However, despite doctors i... Read More »

Mobile shopaholics: 18.3million Brits regularly shop on a mobile device


One in three (36%) Brits regularly use their mobile device for shopping Twice as many consumers shop at home using their mobile device than out and about On the sofa, in bed and the kitchen are the top three locations for mobile shoppers The UK is a growing nation of mobile shoppers, with one in three adults now using their mobile device to make online purchases. Between 6pm and 10pm in the evening is the prime time when Brits shop on their mobile device on average. Nearly a quarter of 18-24 year olds (24%) spend seven hours or more ev... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group: Over 850,000 Brits move overseas for a new life elsewhere


Australia the most popular destination with 207,000 moving Down Under in the last 5 years Around two-thirds (66%) of British citizens emigrating since 2009 have indicated they intend to live abroad for more than four years Over the past five years emigration from Britain is estimated to have reached 851,0002, according to latest research from Lloyds Bank Private Banking. However this total figure represents a decline of 10% compared to the previous five years when emigration totalled 942,000 in the period 2004 -08. The most recent figure... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Supermarkets: top of the homebuyer shopping list?


By comparing average prices in postal districts (e.g. NE20), which have a national supermarket, to the wider post town (e.g. Newcastle), it has been possible to identify the average house price premium or discount associated with the proximity to some of the UK’s largest grocery retailers. Properties in areas with a Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or Tesco are most likely to command a higher house price premium when compared to the wider town average. The average price premium for properties within easy reach of a Waitrose is 12% (£38,831) higher than... Read More »

CBS: Number of passengers travelling through Dutch airports breaks 60 million barrier


Record number of passengers handled in 2014 For the first time in history, more than 60 million passengers travelled through Dutch airports last year, i.e. an increase by nearly five percent relative to 2013. The number of commercial take-offs and landings grew by only three percent in the past year. This trend has been going on for years. The use of bigger airplanes and a higher seat occupancy rate per flight play a part in this respect. With 90 percent of total air passenger transport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is still the most import... Read More »

Halifax: Want to Escape to the Country? Try Rutland, Britain’s best rural area for quality of life


Quietly nestling in the tranquil East Midlands countryside, Rutland is well known for Rutland Water and an array of unspoilt villages and charming market towns. As an idyllic rural destination it has many attractions for tourists and is now officially Britain's best rural place to live. The annual Halifax Rural Areas Quality of Life Survey takes a wide range of factors into account, including residents' good health and life expectancy, crime rate, weather, employment, school results, broadband access, and personal wellbeing. This is the firs... Read More »

Bertelsmann Stiftung: Germany’s labor market needs more immigrants from non-EU countries


Gütersloh, March 27, 2015. In the coming decades, Germany will be more dependent than ever before on immigration. Without immigrants, the number of people of working age would sink from approximately 45 million today to less than 29 million. That would represent a decline of 36 percent. This gap cannot be closed without immigration. Even if women were to be employed at the same rate as men, and the retirement age was increased to 70, the number of potential workers in the country would rise by only about 4.4 million. These are the findings of a... Read More »

Barclays: Mid-size businesses lead from the front on job creation and wage increases in 2015


67% of mid-size businesses to create new jobs and 82% to increase wages this year (vs. 50% and 61% of businesses of all sizes) Almost a third (32%) of businesses overall gearing up to take on apprentices (vs. 29% in 2014) 70% of businesses in the West Midlands are expecting to increase staff levels – the highest of all the UK regions surveyed 78% of Welsh firms to boost wages in the year ahead, the most of any UK region (up from 57% in 2014) Amongst businesses of all sizes, half (50%) of those surveyed are looking to increase staff2, a... Read More »

CBS: more and more underage children live with one parent


One in five 17-year-olds grow up with one parent The family situation in which children grow up has changed in the last fifteen years. More and more underage children live with one parent: 11 percent in 1999 compared with 15 percent in 2014. Just over 8 percent of new-born babies live in a one-parent family. For children aged 17 this rises to nearly 20 percent. In 2013, parents of just over 34 thousand children got divorced. Children who grow up in a one-parent family, most of them with their mother, are generally more vulnerable than childr... Read More »

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