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Karp Auto Raises Money to Fight Breast Cancer


Karp Volvo, Buick, Kia led a campaign in October to raise funds to help eradicate this dreaded disease. Karp pledged one-hundred dollars for every new or used car sold during the month. Thanks to the effort of their entire staff, Karps impact of $30,000 benefits breast cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. David Karp, President said, "It's our hope and desire that others will follow our lead and together we can cure this horrendous disease." Karp Volvo, Buick, Kia will continue taking individual donations and... Read More »

Vacation Rentals In Corpus Christi, Texas


If you are looking for vacation rental home in Corpus Christi, TX, you can count on The Rental Management Company. The real estate firm has more than 25 years of experience in providing quality vacation rental homesto all its clients. Whether you are looking for a condo, apartment, single family home or townhouse, you can search them all on their extensive online listing. The Rental Management Companymakes it convenient for the clients to shortlist the most suitable rental homes available in the city. The listing provides detailed information... Read More »

Website Development In Dallas, TX


Centex Technologies is a leading company providing comprehensive web development services in Dallas, TX. It specializes in creating database driven sites, e-commerce websites and content management systems. The company offers services to all kinds of businesses such as real estate firms, medical facilities, restaurants, shopping centers etc. The website development team at Centex Technologies understands the importance of creating visually appealing and user-friendly web applications. They are dedicated towards achieving complete client satisf... Read More »

Business Insurance In McAllen, TX


Smith-ReaganInsurance Agency provides comprehensive business insurance policies to the clients in McAllen, TX. It provides extensive coverage options at an affordable cost. Business insurance helps you cover financial losses incurred due to natural or manmade disasters such as fire, theft, vandalism, flood etc. The agents at the firm provide assistanceto the clients in choosing an appropriate policy to minimize financial risks and helpin protection of assets. They understand the requirements of the clients and suggest the most suitable insuran... Read More »

The Detroit Deliverance Singers release their brand new CD


The Detroit Deliverance Singers to release their Brand New, never before heard holiday CD, The Greatest Gift Of All! Other new songs on the album include celebrational music such as, Ain't That Good News, and Secret Closet. This all new cd is just for that person who has been waiting for something different but great! Log on to, and get your copy today! Add a new, and exciting flavor to your holiday. Available December 1, 2015. Many, many people are still being blessed by our God Is So Good cd project, as w... Read More »

Sprinkler System Repair In Katy, TX


DK Sprinklers is a leading companyprovidinghigh quality sprinkler systems in Katy, TX. The company has extensive experience in catering to the irrigation needs of residential as well as commercial properties across the city. The technicians at DK Sprinklers suggest property owners to maintain the lawn sprinklers systems and get them repaired in case of any leakage or fault. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it may lead to significant loss of water and also damage the lawn grass. The company provides efficient solutions for a wide ran... Read More »



PS4 is a uniform system on which gamers everywhere can enjoy the same high-quality digital entertainment experiences. The rapid expansion of the PS4 platform further reinforces the foundation of delivering compelling entertainment experiences. Customers can choose from multiple offerings available on this most favored platform that ranges from games on discs or through digital download to a variety of services available on PlayStation™Network, including PlayStation®Plus membership service, apps for streaming video, music and TV content. The 30.... Read More »

NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Receives First Mirror Installation


In the clean room at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland this week, the engineering team used a robot arm to lift and lower the hexagonal-shaped segment that measures just over 4.2 feet (1.3 meters) across and weighs approximately 88 pounds (40 kilograms). After being pieced together, the 18 primary mirror segments will work together as one large 21.3-foot (6.5-meter) mirror. The full installation is expected to be complete early next year. “The James Webb Space Telescope will be the premier astronomical observatory of ... Read More »

Divorce Lawyers In Killeen, TX


Starritt-Burnett & Sinkfield, PLLCprovides complete legal assistance to couples going through a divorce in Killeen, TX. The attorneys at the firm have extensive experience in helping clients resolve the legal issues associated with divorce while endeavoring to protect their rights. Going through a divorce can be emotionally challenging, both for the couple and kids. The decisions made during this time can have long lasting implications on the lives on everyone involved. Hiring a divorce lawyer can help you to take the process forward in an... Read More »

Web Development Services


GregMedia, Inc. is a leading website development company serving the business firms in Houston, TX. The team of experts at the company strives to create user-friendly and eye-catchy websites to provide a seamless online face to your business. They offer a wide range of solutions like custom website design, content management systems, ecommerce web development, web applications, static and dynamic website development etc. With years of experience in web development and custom website creation, the company has managed to carve a niche among the ... Read More »

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