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Lloyds Banking Group: Scotland’s cities need major investment in family homes


The proposal is just one of a number included in Bank of Scotland’s How Scotland Lives report; a study of current trends in Scotland’s housing market. Shape of Scottish Housing Market More than three in five people in Scotland (62%) own their own home, with 29% owning the property outright while 33% have a mortgage. Over a third (36%) rent a home or live with family and friends. Rental agreements secured through letting agents and landlords represents 12% of the housing market in Scotland while social housing makes up 14% of the sector... Read More »

12 new schools to be built in North East England following confirmation of EIB support


The new schools comprise the first batch of five regional batches of new schools to be built under the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP). The European Investment Bank is expected to support construction of a total of 46 new state primary and secondary schools under the initiative and provide around GBP 274 million of overall support. The loans from Europe’s long-term lending institution will be for around 25 years and represent around 40% of the overall project cost. “The European Investment Bank is committed to supporting long-term ... Read More »

SSE warns of skill shortage in the energy industry


Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week (9 to 13 March 2015) the energy firm says around 208,000 people will need to be recruited to plug the gap, and it is vital firms invest in apprentices now to ensure the UK has the skilled workforce needed to deliver the major investments required for the future. John Stewart, SSE Director of Human Resources, said: “Apprenticeships put young people on track for a first rate career and with around 50% of the sector’s workforce set to retire by 2023, there is a need to invest now. “We’re boosting our app... Read More »

West of Scotland is ‘Still Game’ as a third have lived there all their lives


So why do many of us live where we do? The two main reasons given were because we have always lived there (20%) or because we moved there as we liked the area (20%). “Faimly” After West Scotland, Central Scotland ranked second highest for people living in an area all their lives (29%). While over a fifth (22%) of 45-54 year olds and almost a quarter (24%) of 25-34 year olds have remained where they grew up, it seems that the Still Game mind-set may have skipped a generation. Only 16% of 35-44 year olds have stayed put, as other factors ha... Read More »

BT creates 1,000 new UK Apprenticeships and Graduate Jobs


BT today announced it is creating 1,000 new apprenticeships and graduate jobs for young people this year, in a recruitment boost for the UK. The new recruits to BT will work in a range of areas, including software development, IT, engineering and digital technology. Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the 700 apprenticeship and 300 graduate jobs that will be created across the UK, in areas such as London, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds. In addition to the new apprenticeships, BT also today reiterated its comm... Read More »

BT: British film franchises top the charts of greatest book adaptations


The study of 2,000 adults and 1,000 children also revealed the huge popularity of novels on the big screen, with more than a third (38 per cent) of adults and 41 per cent of children saying the last film they watched was adapted from a book. As well as this, half of Brits claimed they enjoy watching film adaptations because they simply like to see a book brought to life. BT TV also asked Brits to reveal their favourite genre film adaptations across drama, romance, thrillers, tearjerkers, action, horror and science fiction. The charts are ful... Read More »

Thames Water brings a little bit of Las Vegas to Kent


Hidden at the back of a field near Horton Kirby, a borehole a quarter of a kilometre deep is helping groundwater scientists understand the potential for drinking water to be stored in a ‘bubble’ 250 metres below the ground. Firm is using water storage technique from the Middle East and America to help ‘water-stressed’* south-east Water to be stored in underground ‘bubbles’ £3.2m operational scale trial most advanced scheme of its type in the UK Desert regions across the world, including Las Vegas, already use this technique, called ‘... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Half of people don’t have enough savings to cover the cost of emergencies


Savings levels remain low, with 50% of people having less than two months’ income in savings Within this group, one in three (34%) have less than one months’ income saved However, almost half (48%) say they would need at least two months worth of income in emergencies Eight in ten people think it’s important to save but less than a third have been able to put anything away in the last quarter. Despite the continued economic improvement, savings levels remain low. Half the population (50%) have less than two months’ income,in savings.Th... Read More »

BT branding on cars and within the team environment following strategic technology partnership


The Williams Martini Racing team will use BT’s high performance network services globally, facilitating secure and high speed communication as well as effective collaboration. The team’s fixed and mobile voice needs will be brought together by BT into a single service, hosted in the cloud and delivered globally on a wide range of devices. BT will also be bringing its suite of technologies and consulting services to Williams’ Advanced Engineering division that takes Formula One derived technology and knowhow into the automotive, motorsport, e... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group to recruit 100 Higher Apprentices during 2015


100 Higher Apprenticeships during 2015 Higher Apprenticeships offer some of the brightest students a viable alternative to university, allowing young people to earn while they learn on the job. The Group recognises that in adding a further 100 professional Higher Apprenticeship positions across a range of disciplines including Commercial and Wealth Relationship Management, IT, Change Management, Finance, Risk and Marketing, it will secure even more aspiring young professionals who have the ability to readily develop the key competences requi... Read More »

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