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Thames Water: Wedding ring rescued from sewers for first anniversary


Time stood still as the precious metal flew off the finger of Pascal Gunter, 46, and down into the depths through one of two small holes in an otherwise solid triangular drain cover in Beckton. “Horrified”, he called Thames Water in the faint hope they would be able to recover it while he continued to shoot an urgent video for a national bank across the City. “The ring flew from my finger, and it all went into slow motion,” he said. “We all watched as the ring rolled, and rolled, and rolled, and then just disappeared. “I really didn’t ... Read More »

Loughborough University retains top spot in the 2015 Lloyds Bank Student Life Survey


What makes Loughborough a great place to be a student? 93% of final year graduates find employment (or carry on studying), with an average starting salary of £23,000 85% of students are satisfied with their course As a leading sports university, Loughborough has some of the best facilities amongst British universities for budding athletes Loughborough students rate their social life as one of the best in Britain, with access to affordable shops, bars and other amenities Crime rate around the university is low meaning students are li... Read More »

Aviva: Over-50s making their biggest contribution to the UK workforce since records began


Almost a third of adults employed during Q1 and Q2 2015 were aged 50+ The number of over-65s in work has grown by 33% since the Default Retirement Age ended in 2011 – the fastest growth rate of any age group Since 2011, 1.76m more adults are now in work - almost half (45%) are aged 50-64 while 16% are aged 65+ Average monthly incomes rise by 26% from 2011 to 2015 One in five (22%) say establishing a new routine is the hardest part of retiring A review of Aviva’s Real Retirement research since 2011, along with data from the Office for... Read More »

Halifax: Digital dilemma: Kids spend money on downloads against parents’ wishes


Half of parents say they do not allow their children to spend money on digital downloads 84% of kids admit to downloading games, apps, TV shows, music and films Three out of four children aged 8-15 have a mobile phone, 86% of which are smart phones Half (50%) of parents say they do not allow their children to spend money on digital downloads, despite 84% of kids admitting to doing so, according to the latest research from Halifax. For those parents who do allow children to download games, films, TV programmes or apps, almost two thirds... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Private school fees rise by 20% since 2010


The rising cost of school fees is just ahead of inflation, and four times faster than average earnings growth in past five years The average annual private school fee for day pupils is now £12,864 This is equivalent to 38% of average gross annual full-time earnings Whilst the average fee has out-grown the Retail Price Index by three percentage points it has increased four times faster than the 5% rise in full time gross annual earnings since 2010. In the past year the average fee has grown by 3% whilst both inflation and earnings rose by... Read More »

Aviva: Renters more financially vulnerable due to lack of savings and protection products


Yet 1.5 million UK renters have dependent children A quarter of renting families do not have any savings, and 80% do not have life insurance However, 1.5 million renters have dependent children – a 19% annual rise Renting families are less happy with their homes, but 30% cannot afford a house deposit This compares to just 11% of homeowning families with a mortgage that have no savings or investments and 5% of those who own their home outright. Only 17% of mortgaged families do not have a savings account, falling to 16% of those who o... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group launches Apple Pay to Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers


As Britain’s largest current account provider with three iconic brands on the high street reaching millions of customers, the launch today indicates another milestone in the adoption of new payment technologies. Recent research from Lloyds indicates that many people believe they won’t need cash in the near future as they increasingly turn to cards, contactless payments and other new technologies. In fact almost half (43%) of people see contactless payments as the payment method of the future, whilst one in three (34%) expect to be using a mo... Read More »

Oxford University to benefit from largest ever EIB university loan


The 30 year loan from the world’s largest internationally owned public bank will be used alongside other sources of financing, including grants and philanthropic donations, towards the University’s plans to replace and upgrade existing buildings across Oxford including the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter and to expand the Old Road Campus on the former Park Hospital site. The money has been allocated both to planned buildings and projects that have already been completed. The new EIB support was announced during a visit to Oxford University by ... Read More »

BT CEO announces new plans to improve tech literacy skills of 400,000 primary school children in 2015/16


CEO warns next generation lacks the tech skills to keep UK in vanguard of the global economy Research reveals teachers need more support to engage primary school pupils in the computing curriculum – introduced as a world-first in England last year BT extends Barefoot Computing programme to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland BT doubles its current commitment by promising to train more than 15,000 teachers – reaching over 400,000 primary school children in the UK in 2015/16 Convenes 90 leading figures in technology, education, policy an... Read More »

Aviva creates guide to help businesses understand cost of underinsurance


Aviva has launched a guide to help businesses understand the cost implications of not having the right amount of insurance and explain some of the times in the life of a business when the insurance needs might have changed and need reviewing. Aviva’s SME Pulse earlier this year found 1 in 5 SMEs were not confident that they have the right insurance cover** and that’s a situation that could leave them out of pocket. For example, looking at a sample of clients where underinsurance was identified Aviva’s survey team found 177 cases where custom... Read More »

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