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Transaero passengers sent 1.5 million text messages during flights


Called Transaero Connect, the system enables passengers to access the internet during flights as well as make calls and send texts from their personal mobile phones. In the first six months of 2014, passengers sent more than 1.5 million SMS text messages and made more than 24,500 calls. During the same period, the Wi-Fi connection traffic totalled 1,900 Gb across the Transaero fleet which have satellite equipment installed. Transaero has been offering access to high speed broadband internet since August 2012 and was the first Russian a... Read More »

Alfa-Bank to rehabilitate Baltiyskiy Bank


It means obvious advantages for Baltiyskiy Bank clients, whose deposits will be guaranteed upon rehabilitation introduction by the major private and one of the key backbone banks of the country, which has the highest credit rating among all non-governmental credit organizations in Russia and the CIS countries (Fitch Ratings has rated Alfa-Bank BBB-, Standard and Poor’s — BB+, Moody’s — Ba1). In 2013, Alfa-Bank’s net profit exceeded USD 850 million. Alexey Marey, CEO, Member of the Management Board, Member of the Board of Directors of Alfa-Ba... Read More »

The Bank of Moscow financed Agama Group of Companies


Agama Group of Companies was founded in 1998. For over 16 years of development Agama has grown from frozen foods distributor to the Group of Companies, developing its brands and combining different lines of business. The development of the company, creation of new trends, products and services reflect the basic principle of the company’s work — "synergy" — all of the company’s activities are interrelated and complementary to each other. "Agama Group of Companiesis one of the market leaders in its field, it is an important partner of the Bank... Read More »

Volga-Dnepr to present ‘Future Airlifter’ concept at IATF 2014


The winner of the Group’s “Advanced Transport Aircraft of the XXI Century” international contest will be announced at a special ceremony on 15 August 2014 and the prototype of a future airlifter will be unveiled. On 16 August, Vyacheslav Maksyuta, General Director of the Russian Power Extreme Federation and Russia’s strongest man will try to set a new strength record by pulling a 50-ton An-12 turboprop aircraft. The aircraft is a robust workhorse in military, commercial and rescue operations fr om the Soviet era, which has previously served in ... Read More »

Volga-Dnepr transports mobile hospital for Saudi royal family


The medical centre consisted of a 7-ton pharmacy and medical storage unit as well as separate medical units capable of providing intensive care, radiology, dental services and an operating theatre. Each unit weighed between 3,500 to 7,500 kilos. The mobile hospital was transported to Esenboğa International Airport in Turkey using road trailers and was loaded into the An-124 with the help of the aircraft’s onboard cranes. After Morocco, the mobile clinic, which was manufactured in Turkey, will be delivered to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arab... Read More »

Putin delays payment for French Mistral warships


French president Hollande said in July that delivery of the second ship would “depend on Moscow’s attitude” to Ukraine. ... Read More »

Transaero Airlines’ Imperial Class Ranks among the Top 20 Best First Class Cabins in the World


Flightfox’s ranking of August 2014 is based on a number of criteria, including seat comfort, rockstar rating, and best value route to fly each cabin. According to the ranking, Transaero’s Imperial class is the best value offering on the New York-Moscow route. The ranking also includes the first class cabins of such airlines as Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa. Transaero launched the unique in Russia Imperial class in 2008. The project was designed to combine the best hospitality traditions of the Russian Imperial fa... Read More »

The Bank of Moscow issued a million payment cards for partner banks


Such an increase of emission volume has been achieved by effective work on three fronts at the same time: active attraction of new customers; introduction of card products and services, demanded in the market today; interaction with international and Russian payment systems while implementing new card projects. Since the beginning of 2014 seven new banks have been joined to the processing servicing of the Bank of Moscow, including by creation of inter-hosting interaction. To all agent banks processing services on PRO100 cards for issuance an... Read More »

Rosneft and ExxonMobil start drilling in the Kara Sea


The start of the drilling was launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a teleconference with head of Rosneft Igor Sechin and head of ExxonMobil Russia Glenn Waller who were both present in the Kara Sea. Special representative of President of the Russian Federation on international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic, member of the Board of Directors of Rosneft Artur Chilingarov and North Atlantic Drilling representative Jan Tore Theimann also took part in the ceremony. “The start of exploratory drilling in the Kara Sea is the ... Read More »

Cherkizovo Group: No deficit expected


Today, Russian poultry market amounts to approximately 4 million tonnes a year. It is supplied by domestic producers almost completely. Import quota for poultry (including turkey meat) amounts to 360 thousand tonnes a year, or less than 10% of the market needs. The chilled poultry meat most commonly presented on stores shelves is produced domestically. Thus, we shporkould not expect any significant changes, price growth or deficit. Russian producers will fully cover all market needs. In pork, some deficit is seen, as domestic producers cover... Read More »

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