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SABIC to produce Technical Grade Urea in support of cleaner diesel technology


SABIC’s Technical Grade Urea will enable cleaner diesel technology in engines through liquid injection of urea solution into the exhaust stream of the diesel engine prior to its catalytic converter. This allows the engine to perform better, to use fuel more efficiently while destroying the increased nitrogen oxides with urea. Khaled Al-Mana, SABIC Executive Vice President, Fertilizers Strategic Business Unit, commented, “As a company with a strong commitment to a cleaner environment through sustainable products, SABIC has developed this stra... Read More »

Higher purchasing power for employees in care sector


Annual increase purchasing power employees sector health care and welfare over the period 2008-2012 Loss of purchasing power most dramatic for self-employed and pensioners Young households cut most on spending Personal wealth over-65 households remains stable Modest loss of purchasing power employees Unemployment increased as a result of the recession, participation on the labour market decreased and the number of benefit recipients grew. In the working population, self-employed faced difficult times. They already lost purchasing po... Read More »

CBS: Sector hotels and restaurants thrives due to nice weather


Turnover and volume growth Pubs do not contribute to growth Nice weather conditions boost turnover results Adjusted for seasonal variation, consumers and entrepreneurs spent more money in hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. in the first quarter than in the preceding quarter. The growth is partly caused by the exceptionally mild weather conditions in the winter of 2014. Restaurants accounted for remarkably good results in the first quarter, generating a turnover growth of 2.1 percent relative to the previous quarter. Hotels and cafeterias re... Read More »

SABIC introduces additions to its portfolio of innovative healthcare solutions


A growing opportunity for medical device manufacturers includes a shift from using traditional metal or other fiber-filled materials in their applications to plastic. SABIC is working with its customers to support this shift with two solutions that offer medical device manufacturers the potential to optimize system cost as well as improve processability. “Identifying technologies that can help optimize medical device system costs while also maintaining –or even improving – the mechanical properties of the material in an application is a key ... Read More »

Lifebuoy has released a compelling new film about the importance of handwashing with soap


The film follows a mother’s journey of love, loss and longing through her unique relationship with a tree, that highlights the importance of handwashing with soap. Tree of Life is inspired by folklore and this moving story is used to dramatise Lifebuoy’s Help a Child Reach 5 campaign. A year ago Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora, a village in India and through its handwashing programmes dramatically improved children’s hand washing habits so that they now washed their hands 2 additional times per day. This year Lifebuoy takes its life saving mission... Read More »

DSM joins the Solliance CIGS research program for high performance solar modules


Solliance is an alliance of TNO, TU/e, Holst Centre, ECN, imec and Forschungszentrum Jülich for research and development in the field of thin film photovoltaic solar energy (PV) in the ELAT-region (Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen triangle). Solliance focusses on fundamental research in materials science at universities and research institutes, the development of high-throughput production technology, design of high-precision production equipment, and testing and monitoring of devices and systems. The key aim is to improve the efficiency of these ene... Read More »

New Managing Director Appointment – Azelis Canada


Joan Traynor, Regional Managing Director, UK, Nordic & Americas states, “We are delighted to welcome Frans to the Group. He has a proven track record of profitable business development within speciality chemicals, a strong background in operational leadership and sales management, coupled with wide ranging knowledge of the Canadian chemical distribution market.” Most recently, Frans J. des Tombe was Vice President for DSN Chemical Transportation, a third party logistics company specialising in the movement of hazardous materials and temp... Read More »

Sogester opens Namibe


Sociedade Gestora de Terminais S.A. (Sogester), an APM Terminals joint venture in Angola, has signed a 20 year concession to operate, maintain and develop the Port of Namibe, Angola, which serves the hinterland from Namibe to Menongue and through the city of Lubango. Sogester, the leading operator in Luanda, will invest in equipment, infrastructure, training, safety, and processes to improve productivity and increase the number of vessel calls and volumes going through Namibe as part of the port master plan designed to enhance Namibe’s econo... Read More »

Unilever: Securing a sustainable future for tea


By broadening the natural diversity of tea plants to enhance their productivity, quality and overall sustainability, the project will help ‘future proof’ supply of the world’s most popular beverage for generations. The project will also help arrest any decline in tea crop diversity that could limit the crop’s ability to withstand drought, disease and pests in the future. Clive Gristwood, Senior Vice President, R&D Refreshment, Unilever, said: "This project is part of Unilever’s commitment to delivering real sustainability in the product... Read More »

GfK: Media brands increase reach by 66 percent via mobile devices


The reach figures published today by VINEX, PMA and GfK for mobile and regular websites and apps indicate that the average cross platform reach of a top-50 brand – across PCs, smartphones and tablet computers – amounts to 15.7 percent. Without the mobile share of smartphones and tablets, this reach would be 9.4 percent. In other words, adding mobile devices to the mix of measured channels results in a 66 percent increase. The average collective reach of top-50 brands is exactly the same for smartphones as it is for tablets – namely 4.4 perce... Read More »

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