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CBS: inflation rate up due to motor fuels and holidays


Inflation rate up from 0.8 to 1.2 percent Inflation rate higher after three months of decline Gap with eurozone rate narrows Motor fuel prices had a notable effect on inflation. Airline tickets and holiday accommodations also contributed to the higher inflation rate. This is partly due to the fact that - contrary to last year - the Easter weekend fell in April in 2014. During Easter weekends, the demand for holiday accommodations and airline tickets is always higher and prices will go up. As a result, holiday prices were higher in April ... Read More »

Cargill strengthens its cocoa and chocolate R&D capabilities


Van der Meijs, who comes to Cargill from Danone’s Medical Nutrition Division, said: “This is an exciting time to join Cargill and its highly talented people. We can see the growing need from within the industry to constantly and rapidly address evolving consumer demand. There is an opportunity for us to share our innovation capabilities and insights in consumption trends. It is our ambition to partner with our customers to help them achieve their ambitions to create, improve and revise their product and service offerings” In addition, Cargil... Read More »

CBS: Employees feel less autonomous


Steady decrease The share of employees who can organise their own work, i.e. decide how and when to carry out their tasks, fell from 61 percent in 2008 to 56 percent in 2013. While 65 percent of employees in 2008 reported regularly being able to decide how to carry out their tasks, this had fallen to 60 percent last year. In the same period, the share of employees who could organise the order and rate of work also fell. New workers in particular less autonomous The decrease in employee autonomy was strongest for employees who had been ... Read More »

Five exemplary researchers receive Heineken Young Scientists Awards


The Academy's juries, which earlier this month picked the winners of the Heineken Prizes, have awarded this year's Heineken Young Scientists Awards to the following laureates working in similar research fields: Celia Berkers, researcher at the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research (Utrecht, Netherlands). Dr C.R. Berkers (33) is receiving the 2014 Heineken Young Scientists Award for Biochemistry and Biophysics for her research into the workings of the proteasome, a structure that breaks down proteins in biological cells. Alexander Vlaa... Read More »

Cargill, Branhaven, license patents and genomics (DNA) tools to BeefTek for beef, dairy cattle


Cargill stated that the “BeefGen” patented diagnostics are based on molecular tools that may be of use in to improving beef cattle carcass quality and production efficiency.  Cargill believes that for beef cattle producers, these genetic tools help identify animals best suited to optimize weight gain, beef marbling, tenderness, red meat yield, rib eye quality and other important characteristics that could increase the value and yield from each animal harvested. Further, Cargill stated that it believes this technology may also assist in identify... Read More »

Allianz preliminary results for the first quarter of 2014


Operating profit reached 2.72 billion euros in the first quarter after 2.80 billion euros over the same period the year before. Net income attributable to shareholders was 1.64 billion euros, compared to 1.71 billion euros for the first quarter of 2013. In Property and Casualty insurance the combined ratio improved to 92.6 percent from 94.3 percent in the first quarter the year before. In Life and Health insurance the new business margin rose to 2.5 percent for January to March of 2014 from 1.8 percent for the same period the previous year. ... Read More »

Boskalis scoops first prize at 2014 Dutch Sourcing Award


About Dutch Sourcing Awards This annual competition is an initiative of the Foundation for the Forward Development of Procurement. The foundation established the Dutch Sourcing Awards to encourage the development of sourcing and procurement by spotlighting excellent performance in this field. The Dutch Sourcing Awards are awarded annually to Dutch procurement teams who have performed excellently in one of the following categories: Operational Excellence, Step Change, Human Capital and Sustainability. There is also an overall winner. This pri... Read More »

Acer Showcases New Back-To-School Product Portfolio at “A Touch More Connected” Launch Event in New York


“Acer has built its reputation by putting personal computing in the hands of the many and making technology accessible for more people,” said Jason Chen, Acer CEO and Corporate President. “Today we demonstrate how our products are the best example yet of this mission - how we are using technology to create better connections between people and their information and bringing happiness to more people.” Renee James, Intel President, added " We are very proud of our long-term relationship with Acer; congratulations to the new Acer management tea... Read More »

Unilever expands sustainable living ambition


Commenting on progress, Unilever CEO, Paul Polman said: “In the three years since we launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan we have learned that sustainability drives business growth and a much deeper connection with our employees and consumers. In 2013, we’ve seen good progress, particularly on targets within our direct control.  Our Plan is helping us to save money, reduce risk and drive innovation, and brands that have done the most to embrace sustainable living, like Dove, Lifebuoy, Pureit and Domestos, are enjoying some of our faste... Read More »

Statistics Netherlands: Manufacturing industry expects to invest more


9 percent more investments expected in 2014 Great difference in expectations between the sectors Investments in 2013 increased most in the food, drinks and tobacco industry The food, drinks and tobacco industry, the metal and electrical engineering industry, and refineries and the chemical industry anticipate the greatest increases in investments. These three sectors invest by far the most (over 85%) within manufacturing. Entrepreneurs in other manufacturing industry and in paper and printing, on the other hand, expect to invest less ... Read More »

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