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TNT Airways to replace all paper flight documents by iPads


Each iPad will replace the 50 kilos of paper books and manuals carried by crews on each flight. Going paperless will also simplify the updating of flight documents, as updates are managed centrally and electronically, regardless of the crews’ location. All TNT Airways’ 274 pilots have received an iPad. The aircraft cockpits have been modified to house the devices and permit their use in all phases of a flight, including take off and landing. The approval was granted following a successful 6-month validation period. The Belgian Civil Aviat... Read More »

The City of Amsterdam and Airbnb announced an agreement that will promote responsible home sharing and simplify the payment of tourist tax for hosts in the city


The partnership, which is the first of its kind in Europe, is good news for residents who share their homes through Airbnb. It comes after City of Amsterdam leaders called on a wide range of home sharing companies to share their ideas about responsible home sharing in the city. It also furthers Amsterdam’s reputation for being a hospitable city that embraces innovation and the sharing economy. The agreement between the City of Amsterdam and Airbnb will take effect from 1 January 2015. Under the agreement: Airbnb and the City of Amsterdam... Read More »

Cofinimmo acquires 13 new healthcare assets in the Netherlands: its Dutch healthcare portfolio now reaches €90 million


Cofinimmo acquired these properties representing a total surface area of ±36,500m² for a conventional gross amount of €71.9 million. All assets benefit from an excellent location and 70% of the properties are newly built. The necessary permits for the five construction projects have been or are in the course of being delivered. The buildings are leased for an average period of 15 years, under “double net” contracts, to 11 different private or non-profit operators, specializing in geriatrics, psychiatry, and care of disabled people. The initi... Read More »

Amsterdam outlines new sustainability measures


The construction market will be challenged to build greener properties. Air quality in the city will be improved through continued efforts to encourage the use of electric transport, by stimulating smart distribution processes and extending low emission zones to include more types of vehicles. During the current council term, work will be conducted at 111 schools to make them greener and healthier places to work. These measures are outlined in the Sustainability Agenda (Agenda Duurzaamheid), agreed upon by the College earlier this week. Amst... Read More »

Life-threatening drugs in circulation


In addition, the initiative is reaching out to various Amsterdam-based businesses such as coffeeshops, smartshops, hotels, hostels, cafés, bars and restaurants. They have been asked to issue warnings to their customers by clearly displaying posters and distributing leaflets. The campaign is targeted to communicate with young tourists, as they are most at risk of falling victim to the so-called ‘white heroine’. Warning the public This campaign will be expanded further during the upcoming weekend. Additional public information displays show... Read More »

CBS: Statistics Netherlands: 18.1 million inhabitants in 2060


Births up again, more immigrants Fewer and fewer children were born in the last three years. Young couples, in particular have been postponing starting a family, probably in connection with the economic recession. This trend turned around in 2014: 175 thousand children were born, 3 thousand more than in 2013. The birth rate will probably increase further in the next few years, as the number of women aged around 30 will rise. As a result, from 2018 onwards primary schools can expect a 16-year period of increasing pupil numbers. Around 2030... Read More »

International AIDS Conference comes to Amsterdam in 2018


According to Lilianne Ploumen, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Coordination, the Netherlands has been one of the front-line fighters against HIV and, as such, is particularly suited to organising this conference. ‘The importance of the conference should not be underestimated: this is where ideas come together and new steps are taken. Although we have come a very long way in the fight against AIDS, there remains a great deal to be done. The fact that the Netherlands is to act as host is a wonderful tribute to AIDS researcher Joep Lange... Read More »

Wolters Kluwer Health: Surgical robot adopters use more of recommended procedure for kidney cancer, reports medical care


Their study suggests an unexpected benefit of surgical robots - a costly technology that has been criticized for rapid adoption without evidence of patient benefit. Surgical Robots Affect Partial Nephrectomy Rate The standard treatment for kidney cancer has been radical nephrectomy: removal of the entire kidney. But in recent years, partial nephrectomy - surgery to remove the cancer, while preserving as much functioning kidney as possible - has been recommended. This "nephron-sparing" approach is just as effective in controlling the ki... Read More »

DSM: Simple ways to eat well and sustainably this festive season


“During the Christmas and holiday season people like to indulge in their favorite festive foods but it is also a time when we think about others”, says Lars Asferg, Head of Innovation at DSM Food Specialties. “Many consumers are unaware that an increasing number of food products they typically purchase from their local supermarket at Christmas time, are much more healthy and sustainable than a decade ago.” Tuck into savory dishes for instance, made tasty with the use of natural yeast extracts that can have up to 50% less salt in soups, sauce... Read More »

Powerhouse Company & De Zwarte Hond present the Erasmus Pavilion


The Erasmus Pavilion is part of an ambitious masterplan by Juurlink + Geluk and Studio Sputnik to insert a social corridor through the heart of the campus; a programme including a new lake, food court, underground car park, system of circulation routes and re-landscaping. The completed pavilion – won through a competition in 2010 – forms the vibrant and central gathering space; for research to meet business and science to meet culture. The building is at once a café, restaurant, bar, study zone, meeting centre and multi-purpose auditorium. ... Read More »

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