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CBS: substantial rise in hotel guests in 2014


Tourism in the Netherlands grew relatively strongly In 2014, 36 million guests stayed in overnight accommodation in the Netherlands such as hotels, holiday cottages, camp sites and group accommodation. This is 6 percent more than in 2013, the largest increase for six years. The number of Dutch guests rose by 4 percent, the number of foreigners by as much as 9 percent. This is larger than the 5 percent increase in international tourists worldwide and the 2 percent rise for tourists in western Europe published by the UNWTO. More tourists fr... Read More »

CBS: Economy most urgent problem according to Dutch voters


Changing views In the period 2006-2012, voters’ views on a number of issues have changed. In 2006, problems related to the integration of minorities in Dutch society were most often identified as the most urgent social problem, but in 2010 ‘finances and economy’ ranked as top priority problems. In 2012, these views were re-confirmed, as is shown in the National Voters Survey 2006-2012 published today, which elaborates on the electorate’s views regarding a wide range of political issues. Economic and cultural threat The share of voters ... Read More »

CBS: Dutch retailers lag behind other European shopkeepers


Dutch retail trade recovering more slowly than neighbouring countries Since the start of the credit crisis in 2008, Dutch retail trade has been performing less well than trade in Belgium and Germany, while in the years before the crisis it grew more strongly. In Belgium, the volume of sales continued to rise steadily, even during the crisis. And German retail turnover has been growing almost continuously since 2009. In the Netherlands, sales shrank year after year for five years in a row, and only in 2014 did retailers manage a modest volume... Read More »

CBS: Dutch less politically active than Germans


Relatively more Germans than Dutch and Belgians politically active People can try to influence politics in a number of ways. In addition to voting in elections, people can be politically active by contacting a politician, working for a political party or pressure group, signing a petition, or taking part in a demonstration. Around 37 percent of the population in the Netherlands and Belgium had undertaken at least one such political action in 2012, in Germany this was significantly more: 59 percent. Large regional differences Participat... Read More »

DSM to showcase its natural health ingredient portfolio at Vitafoods 2015


Despite the push for natural, recent studies demonstrate that the majority of adults do not get the recommended intake of essential micronutrients. Natural foods are not necessarily nutrient rich, which is why fortification is important. DSM can fortify products without making them less natural, using natural ingredients that are backed by science, helping to address this nutritional shortfall and enabling manufacturers to make strong health claims. DSM’s portfolio contains products supported by EU approved health claims, including nutrition... Read More »

Energy savings label under fire in the Netherlands


All Dutch home-owners were sent a preliminary energy label in January and February. The letters were sent to inform citizens of just-in-force EU rules, but critics say the government did not implement them properly. And many home-owners have been taken aback by their bad grade - even if it is only an initial assessment. Kootstra, a real estate agent, said he is aware of many examples of houses in Enkhuizen, a city of 18,000 inhabitants, receiving the lowest rating. Enkhuizen, with its picturesque town centre, has some houses dating back to t... Read More »

Amsterdam to develop largest testing ground for the circular economy


This means that (building) materials and raw materials will be recycled as much as possible, there will be a lot of space for electric cars and that residents and companies in the area will generate their own energy. Building projects must fulfil sustainability requirements and the public space will be designed as sustainably as possible with, among other things, LED lighting and separate waste collection. There is nowhere else in the Netherlands where such a large area is being built in this manner, which means that much will be learnt alon... Read More »

Jan De Nul Group: Order placed for world’s largest cutter dredge and launching of multipurpose vessel Isaac Newton


MULTIPURPOSE VESSEL ISAAC NEWTON LAUNCHED Today the multipurpose vessel Isaac Newton was launched at the Croatian shipyard Uljanik Brodogradiliste. The ship can be deployed on a variety of projects: installing subsea cables, trench dredging and subsea rock installation, which definitely makes it unique. The construction of multipurpose vessels allows Jan De Nul to better meet the clients’ requests to have a project executed by one contractor or one vessel and to reduce the mobilization costs for its clients. In cable-installation mo... Read More »

CBS: Full-time working mothers as often employed at managerial level as full-time working fathers


Fewer women than men in management positions Three-quarters of women in the employed labour force are part-timers , as against one-quarter of men. It is much more uncommon for part-timers to hold a management position than for full-timers. As a result, the proportion of managers among women is much lower than among men. Women also appear to be less keen to move up to higher management or top positions than men, as the recently published Emancipation Monitor shows. Full-time working mothers almost as often working at managerial level as fu... Read More »

Electric transport in Amsterdam continues to increase


The key to optimal growth of the public charging network The collected data show where electric transport is growing and where an expansion of the network is needed. Further investments in the network will make the transition to electric transport even easier for Amsterdam residents and Amsterdam-based businesses. To further support the development of electric transport, Amsterdam will increase the number of charging points to 4,000 by 2018. The number is already at 1,100. Ambition The city’s ambition is to reduce traffic pollution as ... Read More »

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