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Brexit: No immediate consequences for British students and researchers at UvA

Universiteit Ams

This applies to 2016/17 applications, research projects and degree programmes. UvA students currently on exchange at British universities will also remain unaffected. The UvA will also continue the closely collaborate with UK partner universities both within the LERU and U21 networks, as well as at the bilateral level with partner institutions. In an earlier press statement, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) committed itself to ongoing collaboration with universities in the United Kingdom. ... Read More »

TU Delft joins Amsterdam Center for Forensic Science and Medicine

Universiteit Ams

Broadening forensics research In several departments of TU Delft, researchers contribute to police investigations or other forensic research such as the use of stream data to localise human remains or the application of augmented reality at crime scenes, but also in the reconstruction of plane crashes. According to Loeve, joining the CLHC will help to broaden the research line ‘Engineering for Forensics’ within TU Delft. Valuable link in the network Arian van Asten, UvA professor, director of CLHC and R&D coordinator at NFI sees TU Delft... Read More »

UvA alumna bequeaths four million euros to Amsterdam University Fund

Universiteit Ams

The bequest left by Mrs Trudie Vervoort-Jaarsma (1929–2015) will be placed in two dedicated funds to be established by the Amsterdam University Fund. With a combined value of around four million euros, this gift is in all likelihood the largest ever bequeathed by a private individual to a Dutch university. Trudie Vervoort-Jaarsma was a psychology student at the UvA in the 1960s. Her parents were high-profile jurists in Surabaya in the former Dutch East Indies. The two funds to be established from her bequest will commemorate her mother, a su... Read More »

Message from the Supervisory Board

Universiteit Ams

In the interests of continuity, the Supervisory Board will continue its work for the time being. The Supervisory Board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) will continue to perform its supervisory tasks for the AUAS. A priority of the Supervisory Board in recent months was the appointment of new members to the Executive Board in order to ensure continuity and stability. This priority was fulfilled with the widely supported appointment of a new President and a new Rector to the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board has the ... Read More »

The secrets of virus self-assembly

Universiteit Ams

The combination of mutual attraction, deformability and asymmetry of biomolecular building blocks is crucial for the formation of complex biological nanostructures such as virus particles. This follows from experiments with a novel colloidal model system published this week on the website of Nature. Computational chemists Dr Jurriaan Luiken and Prof. Peter Bolhuis of the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences contributed to the study with computer simulations confirming the experimental observations. To be abl... Read More »

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences selects Anita Hardon as new member

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Anita Hardon Anita Hardon is professor of the anthropology of health and care, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Researcher, University of Amsterdam. As a medical anthropologist, Anita Hardon uses innovative methods to combine the social sciences and medicine in her research on global health issues. She is interested in a broad range of subjects, from reproductive health in women, HIV/AIDS, and the social impact of pharmaceuticals on vulnerable youths to the relationship between health and global sustainable development and the role of ch... Read More »

Decision on structural position of dean Faculty of Science

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The last few years have shown just how demanding it can be for one person to be dean of three large faculties at two different locations. The collaborative partnership between the UvA and VU Amsterdam – which is currently being shaped bottom-up through the programmes and institutes and not, as originally planned, by merging the three faculties – can be managed successfully by two separate deans. The faculty works council and faculty student council also share this view, which factored heavily in the eventual decision. Naturally, the collaborati... Read More »

Brain picks up the beat of music automatically

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What most people call the sense of rhythm – the mechanism that enables us to clap along or dance to music – is an intangible ability that is exclusive to human beings. For example, imagine a barrel before it is placed inside a barrel organ. On the barrel, you can see exactly which tones will be played and for how long they will be audible. However, the regularity of the rhythm cannot be read on the barrel. This rhythm exists only in our heads, where our brain recognises patterns in the sounds. This helps us to predict the music, enabling us to ... Read More »

Rijksmuseum welcomes Rembrandt wedding couple on Saturday 2 July


Early this year the two Rembrandt portraits were bought together by the Netherlands and France, a unique event. From 2 July to 2 October 2016 Marten & Oopjen will have a place of honour alongside The Night Watch. The paintings will then be restored at the Rijksmuseum. Rembrandt painted the marriage portraits of the newly-weds Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit in Amsterdam in 1634, when he was twenty-eight. The portraits, more than two metres high, remained in private hands for almost four centuries. Wim Pijbes, General Director Rijksmuse... Read More »

DHL opens Life Science Competence Center at Amsterdam-Schiphol


The facility is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in the transport sector in the Netherlands. One area is dedicated to pharmaceutical products that must be stored at constant temperatures between two and eight degrees Celsius, while the second one allocated to a controlled temperature range of between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. There is a special temperature-controlled loading area, with a loading dock for both ULD’s and pallets. Actively cooled containers can be charged and dry ice can be replenished. The center is equipped with nu... Read More »

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