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Do the Olympics make economic sense?


In a series of five articles first published by SAPIENS, Besnier and Brownell intervene in several discussions that started during the Games and are still ongoing. In Do the Olympics Make Economic Sense? the authors focus on the socioeconomic tolls on host countries. The IOC makes ambitious claims about non-economic legacies, but most promised outcomes are impossible to measure. Yet, every four years, a major world city takes on the vast financial burden of hosting the Summer Olympic Games. Besnier and Brownell use the anthropological concep... Read More »

Ongoing fishing dispute captured in graphic novel

Universiteit Ams

‘It never really was “ordinary” doctoral research,’ says Scholtens, who will be defending his thesis on 13 October. ‘When studying a conflict like this – where there is so much at stake for so many people, and you find yourself regularly working alongside local universities and NGOs – you soon end up in the domain of “action research”. I didn’t only seek information from stakeholders and policymakers – I also tried to put people in touch with each other, break through the political game-playing and ensure that the conflict was shown in the medi... Read More »

Science Talent 2016: vote for UvA-astronomer Selma de Mink

Universiteit Ams

Expert on massive double stars Selma de Mink is an expert in the area of massive double stars. With advanced computer simulations she has shown that these are much more common then had previously been assumed by astronomers. She obtained her PhD cum laude in 2010 at Utrecht University and was later awarded a Hubble Fellowship at NASA. In 2014 she was awarded a MacGillavry Fellowship, the UvA Faculty of Science programme for female top scientists, allowing her to set up her own research group at the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy. I... Read More »

Philips showcases full suite of cardiology solutions for personalized approach to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease at ESC Congress 2016


Visitors to the Philips booth (#E4-N100) will experience Philips holistic approach to cardiovascular care, featuring its integrated cardiology software, innovative solutions and best-in-class services approach to connect people, technologies and care protocols across the entire health continuum. From intravascular imaging, ultrasound, healthcare IT and advanced software applications, to physiology image guided interventional technologies and Personal Health Solutions for better heart health, Philips is providing a customized integrated approach... Read More »

Atomic stresses in materials visualised

Universiteit Ams

Their findings, published in Nature Materials, improve our understanding of microscopic defects in materials, and help to develop better materials with ever improved mechanical properties. Hammering Already the old blacksmiths in the middle ages knew that hammering the glowing iron during fabrication of spearheads or picks hardened the material, largely improving its performance. We know nowadays that this hardening is due to the introduction of atomic-scale defects within the material, whose interactions lead to increased stiffness of the ma... Read More »

Periodic update on transaction details related to Philips’ share repurchases


These repurchases were made under the EUR 1.5 billion share repurchase program for capital reduction purposes and the repurchase program to cover long term incentive and employee share purchase plans. Further details can be found in the table below and via thislink. Date Total number of repurchased shares Weighted average purchased price (EUR) August 5, 2016 85,000 23.9314 ... Read More »

Henkel delivers strong second-quarter performance


“Henkel delivered a strong business performance in the second quarter.We generated solid organic sales growth, supported by a strong development in the emerging markets and a positive development in the mature markets. We were also able to significantly increase both earnings and profitability. Adjusted earnings per preferred share grew by 8.5 percent to 1.40 euros and adjusted return on sales rose to 17.6 percent, representing new record levels for Henkel. The successful development of Henkel was driven by all three business units,” said Henke... Read More »

Summer school students sample urban food experiences

Universiteit Ams

Urban farming Urban agriculture is an important research subject for Beatriz Pineda Revilla, lecturer in the summer programme. According to Pineda Revilla, this particular garden project is a great case study for the students because it focuses not only on community-building, which is often an important aim of communal urban gardens in Western cities, but also on producing considerable volumes of food for the local community. The Voedseltuin IJplein was created in 2014 on the former site of a dock, now filled in with sand and a top layer of... Read More »

Philips Takes Cardiac Research to New Heights on Mount Kilimanjaro Climb


Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG AEX: PHIA) today announced it will be among the leading organizations collaborating with the Mayo Clinic to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on a research expedition to understand how the body reacts to the rigors of high altitude and how those learnings can be applied to improving human health. Because the lack of oxygen at high altitudes mimics oxygen deprivation in the body during a cardiac event, Philips researchers hope to understand how to better detect and prevent cardiac issues. The expedition, which will last about 10 d... Read More »

Toxic blue-green algae adapt to rising CO2

Universiteit Ams

The research team, led by Professor of Aquatic Microbiology Jef Huisman, trained their microscopes on Microcystis, a type of blue-green algae that proliferate in lakes and reservoirs in summer. The team analysed the genetic composition of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae's scientific name), observing Microcystis in both the lab and the Kennemer lake, under CO2-rich and poor conditions. 'Before this, the adaptive potential of these harmful cyanobacteria in response to increasing CO2 concentrations had never been studied systematically, even thoug... Read More »

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