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Charlie’s false friends


First, there are those who never considered themselves Charlie in the first place - disaffected young Muslims from French suburbs who feel insulted by the crude caricatures of their religion in the satirical weekly, hotheads from Niger to Chechnya burning French flags in anger at caricatures of their prophet, and anguished intellectuals who admit they are simply not brave enough to be Charlie. Call them heartless, but at least the ‘Je ne suis pas Charlie’ faction are honest. Then there are the ‘I am Charlie’ hypocrites: representatives of Tu... Read More »

DCNS tests new anti-terrorism and anti-piracy tools


On 10 December 2014, the DCNS teams experimented with the demonstrator of a new maritime anti-terrorism and anti-piracy combat system. The French Navy provided both technical and operational support for this full-scale test during which maritime terrorist or piracy attacks were simulated. The DCNS combat system allowed the rapid deployment of an effective defense in littoral waters, where most anti-piracy missions take place. Comprising a network of ultra-high-definition, 360-degree cameras, the tool developed by DCNS ensures surveillance ov... Read More »

Societe Generale, a major patron of the Philharmonie de Paris


SOCIETE GENERALE, A REFERENCE PATRON OF CLASSICAL MUSIC Since its creation in 1987, the association Mécénat Musical Société Générale has developed an approach that supports creativity and openness to all types of audiences. Much more than seeking to establish instant fame, Mécénat Musical Société Générale always aims for continuity, making the Bank a reference name in classical music patronage. Mécénat Musical Société Générale currently supports more than 50 projects and partners 17 orchestras and musical ensembles that perform some 700 con... Read More »

Brittany Ferries adds more pet-friendly holidays for 2015


To make it easier for customers to find these properties, Brittany Ferries even offers a pet-friendly property search option on its website, as well as a section dedicated to pet owners giving hints and tips, information on the pet passport scheme and customers' testimonials. And for those who want to stay with their pet during the crossing, Brittany Ferries can offer pet-friendly cabins to both France and Spain. These cabins come with an attractive and hygienic laminate floor and offer plenty of room for a dog basket. More kennels have been... Read More »

Carrefour: Everybody on the shop floor!


The festive period is a very busy time: employees working at all counters are mobilised. Spending time in stores is an opportunity for employees to share different experiences. It's an opportunity for them to find out what life is really like working on the shop floor. "I was quickly able to make myself useful, providing customers with advice in the wine section" For two days in Romania, 174 employees from the Bucharest offices worked side-by-side in Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets. And in Belgium as well, head office employees... Read More »

DSM Personal Care invites all visitors to experience a genuine moment of sensation at Cosmetagora 2015


Sensorial elegance of the formulations has become an important consumer requirement for skin and hair care products, leaving the global researchers and formulators with a challenge to create novel products that meet their expectations. DSM’s “Crystal Clear Styling Wax” is a novel hair wax formulation delivering incredible shine and strong hold. It creates ultimate definition without drying the hair out and provides a trendy slick look. The formulation features our multifunctional polymer, TILAMAR® Fix A140 which promises an optical and senso... Read More »

Eurotunnel announces order for 3 new Freight Shuttles to meet growing demand


In order to reach the target of transporting 2 million trucks per year in 2020, Eurotunnel today announces the order of three new freight shuttles to add to the 15 in its existing fleet. These additions to the fleet will enable Eurotunnel to increase its capacity by 20% and to run up to 8 departures per hour at peak, compared to 6 currently. This immediacy of departure added to the established speed of crossing is a major differentiating factor which will enhance the attraction and the competitiveness of the Eurotunnel service. The new, €... Read More »

Thales Alenia Space to build SWOT oceanography satellite


As the name indicates, it is designed to study ocean topography and surface water on the continents. SWOT comprises both an oceanography and a hydrology mission. For oceanography, the satellite will provide measurements of ocean surface and wave height with higher resolution than its predecessor Jason satellites. This data will be used to analyze and understand the effects of coastal circulation on marine life, ecosystems, water quality and energy transfers, resulting in more accurate models of the interactions between oceans and the atmosphere... Read More »

An exceptional year end for Eurotunnel Le Shuttle with several new traffic records


But, even more remarkably, more than 19,000 vehicles2 were carried, in both directions, in one day, on 19 December. This is the highest total ever recorded in one day in 20 years of operations. The Truck Shuttle hit a new record high, with 25,253 trucks carried3 from Calais to Folkestone. This is the highest volume ever achieved in a comparable period. And, finally, more than 20,0004 dogs and cats took Le Shuttle between 19 December 2014 and 4 January 2015, an increase of 16% compared to the same time last Christmas, proof again that Le Shut... Read More »

Thales to upgrade fire control system on Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier


Thales will upgrade the SAAM France surface-to-air anti-missile system, which protects the Charles de Gaulle carrier from all types of air threats and was developed and installed in the 1990s. The upgrade will include a state-of-the-art open IT architecture and will facilitate subsequent maintenance work on the system and extend its service life. The Thales solution is an opportunity to apply the latest software architecture concepts developed for the CONTROLView command and control system. CONTROLView performs threat evaluation, weapon a... Read More »

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