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Call for action to help the jobless – and job creators


The Commission’s call to action on youth unemployment sets out new ideas on how to get young people into work, and urges governments to quickly put in place schemes already agreed – such as the Youth Guarantee. Approved by ministers in April, the Youth Guarantee would see all young people offered a good job, apprenticeship, traineeship or continued education within four months of leaving school or becoming unemployed. The Commission is also asking regions where more than 25% of young people are unemployed to present plans detailing how the i... Read More »

Mapping cross-border provision of higher education in the EU


The study maps the intensity and spread of the cross-border provision of higher education through franchising and validation agreements and the establishment of branch campuses. It also looks at whether and how Member States regulate this, and into issues of quality assurance. The study finds that levels of cross-border provision of higher education are highest where outgoing student mobility is also high. This might suggest that insufficient domestic supply, limited to demand in specific areas, might be an important factor behind the increa... Read More »

European space agency: South Pacific Galileo station endures freak rains and flood


Torrential rains lashed this French-administered group of islands at the start of July. The south coast of New Caledonia’s main island of Grand Terre recorded more than 700 mm of rain in 24 hours – the yearly average being roughly 1100 mm. The Galileo ground station near the capital Nouméa was caught in the deluge. Part of a growing worldwide network, it incorporates a Galileo Sensor Station that monitors the quality of navigation signals and an Uplink Station to relay navigation corrections to the satellites for rebroadcast to users. A... Read More »

Green week 2013 – focus on cleaner air – European experts seek to fine-tune EU approach to environmental protection at annual Brussels meeting – 4-7 June.


More needs to be done. Almost 4 out of 5 Europeans agree that the EU should propose stronger measures to address air pollution. In response, the European Commission is preparing proposals to address shortcomings in current rules. As part of this review, the Commission has received input though 2 public online consultations – the second ended on 4 March 2013, with the results to be published soon. The Commission is also gathering input at this year’s Green Week forum in Brussels. Some 3 000 scientists, business leaders, environmental advocate... Read More »

Small enterprises: Commission campaign to support debt recovery across borders


This is especially damaging in the current economic crisis, when going abroad to do business is no longer merely an option but in many cases has become an obligation to become more competitive. Therefore, the European Commission today kicked off a campaign to help SMEs recover debts across borders. The campaign will inform SMEs on how to take advantage of existing laws and tools in order to more easily and successfully pursue debtors in other countries. To this end events will be organized in all 27 EU Member States plus Croatia. The campaign i... Read More »

Treaty of Lisbon leads to a paradigmatic cin EU lobbying


As a result of the Treaty of Lisbon the basic conditions for successful communication between politics and business have changed decisively - the structures of European decision-making in the EU and its Member States have now become increasingly impenetrable even for large international companies. In practice, the companies do not lack content-related competence, i.e. good arguments for their own concerns, rather there is an increasing need for procedural competence, i.e. extensive knowledge of the formal and informal decision-making process an... Read More »

Poland – a new player in medical tourism sector


Treat teeth and get implants in dental clinics, take a cure in Polish sanatoriums? Will women fly to Central Europe, instead of Thailand, to undergo blepharoplasty, remove access fat or indulge in beauty treatments? It's possible. Polish government programme - promoting Poland as a country worth visiting for health treatment, rehabilitation, diagnosis, improving looks is effective. A visible national stand and stands of individual facilities at three consecutive trade fairs: Miami 2012, Moscow and Monaco in March 2013, resulted in Poland being... Read More »

New Boston scientific pacemaker family features technology for adapting pacing to respiration


These pacemakers monitor respiration, adjust pacing accordingly, and support insight into the patient's overall heart failure status. Comprising of the INLIVEN[TM] cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker (CRT-P) that synchronizes the heart chambers, and the VITALIO[TM] and FORMIO[TM] pacing systems, the new family of devices offers clinicians a comprehensive set of tools for the management of heart failure and related comorbidities. Pacing systems are designed to treat bradycardia, a condition in which the heart beats too slowly, depriving... Read More »

POSPartner supports Yapital at the Point of Sale


A few weeks prior to the launch of its first European cross-channel payment system, Yapital announced that it will also be collaborating with POS systems company POSPartner to integrate the new payment solution at the point of sale. The innovative software provider, based in Königswinter, has been a valued partner, providing specialist solutions to medium-sized and large retailers for two decades. The expertise and excellent customer structure of the owner-managed company will enable Yapital, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Otto Group, to intr... Read More »

Air France and KLM launch inflight Wi-Fi


The new service will allow customers to remain connected with the world by being able to send text messages and e-mails and surf the internet during their flight. On our specially designed inflight website we also offer a broad range of free and up to date services including live television news and sports channels, relevant airline and destination information. Online Access In partnership with Panasonic Avionics, Air France and KLM will conduct a trial phase throughout the rest of 2013 on two Boeing 777-300s. During that time, customers ca... Read More »

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