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ETIS: European Tourism System of indicators for sustainable management


This easy and useful toolkit will help stakeholders to measure and monitor their sustainability management processes and enable them to share and benchmark their progress and performance in the future. ... Read More »

Priority medicines for Europe and the world


With the help of health experts the WHO report identified “pharmaceutical gaps”: diseases of public health importance for which pharmaceutical treatments either do not exist or are inadequate. The report provides a public-health-based medicines development agenda, based on a systematic methodology for priority setting. National and European policies relevant to the European pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries will be influenced by the report’s recommendations. It will also provide important input to health-related policy development ... Read More »

Anti-Muslim violence: A wakeup call for European governments


Several violent attacks against Muslim women preceded the riots in France. One of the most severe incidents occurred on 13 June, when two men physically abused a 21 year-old pregnant woman. Muslim women are increasingly the victims of violence. In France in 2012, 85 percent of anti-Muslim reported incidents targeted women, and other countries demonstrate similar figures. The UK experienced a significant increase in anti-Muslim violence after the Woolwich killing, and the NGO Tell Mama recorded 12 incidents per week on average between Marc... Read More »

Advice for safe and smart travel in the EU


Take your ID card or passport – even if you are travelling between countries inside the EU’s border-free area, it’s still a good idea to carry these documents in case you need to prove your identity for some reason. Remember your free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Contact your local health provider for information on how to get one. If you or a family member falls ill while in the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, the card will ensure easy access to public healthcare and medical services. Be aware that services costing nothing at home ... Read More »

EU commission takes aim at credit card fees


Unveiling proposals that would cap charges for card payments to 0.2 percent and 0.3 percent for debit and credit cards respectively, Michel Barnier said Mastercard had mounted a campaign of disinformation against the proposals and him personally in the French media. "I can understand why a big American company would want to defend their interests… but I found their campaign quite counterproductive and unacceptable," he said. The new regime could be worth up to €6 billion each year in cost-savings for retailers, and should translate into lowe... Read More »

EU – Finding a cure for a rare and debilitating genetic disease


DevelopAKUre is a European Union (EU)-funded research project which is working to establish a safe, reliable treatment for a rare and hitherto incurable disease. Caused by a genetic mutation, Alkaptonuria (AKU) leads to a severe and early-onset form of osteoarthritis and can also cause heart problems. AKU sufferers have an enzyme deficiency which leaves them unable to break down a naturally occurring substance within the body known as homogentisic acid, or HGA. HGA builds up in body tissues, in particular attacking cartilage and making it br... Read More »

Connected continent? Three-quarters have no 4G access!

GEPCPR166 low

In the United States over 90% of people have 4G access. Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said: " I’m on the side of the citizens, the taxpayers, the voters, who just want their phones and tablets to work. It’s frustrating when my phone stops working in Brussels because we only have 3G. Millions share my frustration every day.” Did you know? Three EU Member States have no 4G at all (Cyprus, Ireland, Malta) Only Germany, Estonia and Sweden have advanced roll-out of 4G There is virtually no 4G coverage in rural areas across the E... Read More »

Defending Europe’s defence industry


Strategic importance Keeping people safe is the main reason for strengthening defence capacity, but the industry is also important economically. It employed around 400 000 people in 2012, creating another 960 000 jobs indirectly, with a turnover of €96bn. Yet Europe is facing increased competition in the defence market. Brazil, Russia, India and China (the "BRIC" countries) are steadily stepping up spending. Cutting costs Defence equipment is often extremely expensive, while defence budgets are being cut – along with other public sp... Read More »

European cinema: find out which films have been nominated for 2013 LUX Prize


The contenders for this year's prize have now been revealed at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic. Read on to discover which films have a chance to win the prize. The three finalists will be selected in July. The official selection for the 2013 LUX Prize is (in alphabetical order): Äta sova dö (Eat Sleep Die), by Gabriela Pichler - Sweden Grzeli nateli dgeebi (In Bloom) by Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Groß - Georgia, Germany, France Krugovi (Circles), by Srdan Golubovic - Serbia, Germany, France, Slo... Read More »

EU steps up fight against fraud


An independent institution, the new prosecutor’s office would bridge the gap between EU countries’ criminal systems – whose powers stop at national borders – and EU bodies unable to conduct criminal investigations. The office will be integrated into national judicial systems, with European prosecutors carrying out investigations and prosecutions within EU countries. They will work with teams of national staff and apply national law. A single European public prosecutor will ensure that individual prosecutors take the same approach in all countri... Read More »

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