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Defending Europe’s defence industry


Strategic importance Keeping people safe is the main reason for strengthening defence capacity, but the industry is also important economically. It employed around 400 000 people in 2012, creating another 960 000 jobs indirectly, with a turnover of €96bn. Yet Europe is facing increased competition in the defence market. Brazil, Russia, India and China (the "BRIC" countries) are steadily stepping up spending. Cutting costs Defence equipment is often extremely expensive, while defence budgets are being cut – along with other public sp... Read More »

European cinema: find out which films have been nominated for 2013 LUX Prize


The contenders for this year's prize have now been revealed at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic. Read on to discover which films have a chance to win the prize. The three finalists will be selected in July. The official selection for the 2013 LUX Prize is (in alphabetical order): Äta sova dö (Eat Sleep Die), by Gabriela Pichler - Sweden Grzeli nateli dgeebi (In Bloom) by Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Groß - Georgia, Germany, France Krugovi (Circles), by Srdan Golubovic - Serbia, Germany, France, Slo... Read More »

EU steps up fight against fraud


An independent institution, the new prosecutor’s office would bridge the gap between EU countries’ criminal systems – whose powers stop at national borders – and EU bodies unable to conduct criminal investigations. The office will be integrated into national judicial systems, with European prosecutors carrying out investigations and prosecutions within EU countries. They will work with teams of national staff and apply national law. A single European public prosecutor will ensure that individual prosecutors take the same approach in all countri... Read More »

‘Hezbollah: EU listing is ‘unjust’ and ‘aggressive”


Its statement called the move "aggressive, unjust and based on no justification or proof." Israeli daily Haaretz said Monday the EU decision was spurred by a 150-page-long Israeli intelligence dossier circulated to EU states. ... Read More »

Written Declaration against the abuse and torture of greyhounds creates a new unity in Europe


A Written Declaration on putting an immediate stop to the torture and mistreatment of greyhounds was launched in the European Parliament on 15 April by the French Member of Parliament Mrs Striffler and 11 other co-signatories. Animal welfare issues are notoriously difficult to get on the European political agenda but this controversial and painful situation has gained more European attention than expected. Thousands of greyhounds around Europe and most notably the Spanish greyhounds suffer and die in Europe every year. Used for hunting or co... Read More »

Opening up European education to the world


The European Commission’s higher education strategy urges action on 3 fronts: international student and staff exchanges internationalising and improving curricula, including digital learning cooperation, partnerships and capacity building Studying abroad in numbers The number of higher education students worldwide is expected to quadruple from around 100m in 2000 to 400m in 2030. The number of students going abroad rises by 7% every year (with major growth in China, India and South Korea). Europe currently attracts around 45% of i... Read More »

Tackling poverty and environmental concerns together


The roots of these problems often intertwine, so alleviating one will often impact the other. For example, preserving forests and biodiversity not only helps combat climate change, but can secure food supply, which is key to eradicating poverty. A proposal from the European Commission outlines a new EU approach to eradicating poverty and stimulating sustainable development that considers both problems together. It is the right time to prepare a strategy for both challenges – the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (which include... Read More »

EU and industry join forces for innovation


These sectors provide good quality jobs, tackle major challenges that can’t be solved by individual countries or companies alone, and are key to Europe’s competitiveness. The research is long-term, large-scale and often high-risk.Under the proposal, funding from the next EU research programme, Horizon 2020, would be boosted by some €10bn from industry and €4bn from national governments. In addition, the EU funding will support public-public partnerships (Commission and EU countries) addressing treatment for poverty-related diseases, industri... Read More »

No place for tax cheats


One way cheats avoid paying tax is to hide income earned in another country from authorities in the country where they live and are normally taxed. The EU tries to prevent this from happening within its borders. Current EU rules require the United Kingdom, Ireland and all other member countries to collect information on income earned on their territory by non-residents. UK and Irish authorities must then provide this information to the EU countries where these people actually live, so the income can be taxed – and EU countries must also send... Read More »

G8 leaders work on improving trade


More trade, fair trade EU trade policy supports unimpeded international trade as vital for sustainable growth, jobs and development. The EU's bilateral trade agreements are a “stepping stone” towards wider multilateral global trade, said president Barroso. Completing all other ongoing free-trade talks would add 2.2% to the EU's GDP, and an estimated 2.2 million new jobs. The EU also supports a proposed international agreement to help developing countries boost trade by simplifying trade rules, including import and export procedures. Th... Read More »

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