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En route to Belgium’s Fintech Village


After a tough selection process, including a full day of pitching at the ING Belgium headquarters, seven start-ups were given the keys to ING’s Fintech Village at the Eggsplore facility at Diegem, near Brussels. Eggsplore is a large European fintech hub for leading financial institutions, fintech growth companies, investors and other fintech actors. They will move into the Village in March. The start-ups (see box-out) all offer solutions that are designed to make our lives easier and simpler. Addocted, for instance, introduces POM, a persona... Read More »

SABIC announces transformation plans to better meet customer needs


The reorganization follows a comprehensive review of the challenges SABIC faces in the context of the company’s 2025 strategy -- including changes in the market landscape as well as the need to drive technology and innovation. To meet these challenges, the company is optimizing its existing portfolio while at the same time investing in the innovations that are required for future growth. As a result of this optimization, the commodity products of the Innovative Plastics Strategic Business Unit (SBU) will now be housed in the Chemicals and Po... Read More »

SABIC helps power new generation of SIEMENS Industrial Automation Controllers through award-winning campaign


The first film gives the stage to a global leading brand in Industrial Automation, Siemens, who tells the story of the development of their SIMATIC S7-1500 Automation Controller. The story documents the vision of Siemens to develop a product, which supports their position as a global leader in programmable control systems while driving the competitive advantage of users through production and energy efficiency. Matthew Thornton, Siemens’ Automation Consultant, describes the fruits of three years of collaboration between Siemens and SABIC to ... Read More »

Songwon Industrial Group releases Financial Results for Q2/2015


After a good start into the year 2015, with a significantly improved gross profit margin in Q1, Songwon saw a more predictable and robust Q2/2015 ─ despite the ongoing challenging market conditions. In Q2, the economic situation in Europe continued to remain instable. Compared to Q2/2014, Songwon’s Q2/2015 results were affected by strong forex devaluations (EUR/USD, JPY/USD), and the oil price. Due to the drastic weakening of the Euro against the Korean Won and other relevant currencies, Songwon experienced lower sales revenues in Europe ... Read More »

Songwon announces global price increases for the entire range of Phenolic Antioxidants


The increase is effective for all orders invoiced on or after August 15th 2015 or as contracts allow. Further information on Songwon products is available at: ... Read More »

More Security in Coordination Centres


Every day enormous amounts of goods and commodities are traded in international production and marketing companies of multinational corporations. Huge cash flows pass through these subsidiaries without them having access to professional financial management themselves. Liquidity protection? Cost control? Debtor management? Local branches lack the structures required for these. This is why in the wake of globalization, automotive, electronics or retail groups, for example, have assigned these tasks to coordination centres. IT in the early day... Read More »

Carrefour opens its Summerdrive


What is a Summerdrive? It's very simple: it's a pop-up drive store by the sea that's open seven days a week all during the summer holidays. So if customers prefer to stay lounging on the beach instead of shuffling their way through the aisles of a store, they can simply visit and shop with their smartphones, tablets or PCs. They can then either pick up their shopping later on from the pop-up store, or they can have it delivered directly to them using the home delivery service. Summerdrive Edition 2.0 This year, the S... Read More »

Ahold and Delhaize announce intention to merge


The merger will create a complementary base of more than 6,500 stores with 375,000 associates, characterized by trusted brands with strong local identities The combination, Ahold Delhaize, will be able to serve over 50 million customers per week in the United States and in Europe Ahold Delhaize will accelerate innovation, bringing together both companies’ expertise to deliver increased value and choice for customers across its supermarket formats and online platforms The combination will bring together banners offering associates even bet... Read More »

Iconic Houses: Work in Progress: Van Wassenhove House


Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium, 1972 Designed by Juliaan Lampens Photos: Rik Vannevel History and architectural value of Van Wassenhove House One of the crucial houses designed by Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens in 1972 (completed in 1974). It was built for Albert Van Wassenhove, a teacher and a bachelor with a highly developed interest in art and culture. This house of cast concrete, wood and glass, is situated in a middle-class residential area, near the city of Ghent. Conceived as a home for one person, it is the archetype of the grot... Read More »

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise obtains the prestigious title of most reputable Belgian company


For the 5th edition of RepTrak®, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise, which has been in the top 3 for the past consecutive three years, has built on its 2014 classification and has taken 1st place. This progression is the genuine testimony of confidence from Belgian consumers to a company with local roots. In addition to its "T" brand products, the company is a household name appreciated for its superior quality and innovative nature. Over the years and following this recent rating, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has been imposing and establishing itself as a t... Read More »

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