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Five exemplary researchers receive Heineken Young Scientists Awards


The Academy's juries, which earlier this month picked the winners of the Heineken Prizes, have awarded this year's Heineken Young Scientists Awards to the following laureates working in similar research fields: Celia Berkers, researcher at the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research (Utrecht, Netherlands). Dr C.R. Berkers (33) is receiving the 2014 Heineken Young Scientists Award for Biochemistry and Biophysics for her research into the workings of the proteasome, a structure that breaks down proteins in biological cells. Alexander Vlaa... Read More »

GM Fuel Cell Fleet Tops 3 Million Miles


This specially equipped fleet of Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell vehicles are part of GM’s 119-vehicle Project Driveway program, which launched in 2007. Since then, more than 5,000 drivers have provided feedback on the functionality and drivability of fuel cell technology. “Hydrogen fuel cell technology is an important part of GM’s advanced propulsion portfolio and we continue to make substantial progress in furthering this technology,” said Charlie Freese, executive director of GM’s global fuel cell engineering activities. “These vehicles have ... Read More »

Xerox: a future without parking meters


Luke wasn’t necessarily picturing a future without parking meters, but it’s not such a bad idea! Can you imagine uncluttered streetscapes without ugly meters, which are also a constant source of frustration to the general public? Eliminating parking meters it isn’t far from reach. We might not be able to do it as quickly as Luke, but together we can make it possible. Here’s how. Growth of Mobile Payments More and more, people are becoming comfortable with paying for parking with their mobile phones. As adoption rates continue to increase ... Read More »

BASF and Yara plan to build ammonia plant in Freeport, Texas


The proposed plant would be located at the existing BASF site in Freeport, Texas, have an annual capacity of 750,000 metric tons, and be based on a hydrogen-synthesis process. Further details of the planned joint venture are currently under discussion between the parties. The project is subject to final approval from the respective boards of directors of BASF and Yara. BASF, which has a strong presence in the United States, is currently a major user of ammonia for its U.S. downstream activities and intends to further strengthen its backward ... Read More »

Toyota: Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution


And now, as an engineer at Toyota Technical Center, Birdsall is “obsessed” with bringing fuel cell technology to the masses. But perhaps you need to be obsessed when you’re trying to change the world. After all, revolutions don’t blossom from complacency. Leading an alternative fuel revolution is just what Birdsall and her partners on the Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle team are doing. Collectively, they’re finding tangible ways to reduce fossil fuels in the automobile world and figuring out how hydrogen fuel cells can be useful and affordable. ... Read More »

Robert Bosch Automotive and IBM Create Engineering Platform for Smarter, Faster and Safer Vehicle Components and Systems


Driven by innovation in consumer electronics technology, the automotive sector is under immense evolutionary pressure. Today’s vehicles are more connected than ever – containing as many as 100 computerized controllers and 10 million lines of software code. As vehicle complexity continues to rise, automotive suppliers must address pressures to reduce costs and to innovate quickly, while also managing the intense challenge of delivering vehicle quality. Bosch recognized this need for standards-based integration between all engineering teams and o... Read More »

NASA Simulator Successfully Recreates Space Dust


Using a specialized facility, called the Cosmic Simulation Chamber (COSmIC) designed and built at Ames, scientists now are able to recreate and study in the laboratory dust grains similar to the grains that form in the outer layers of dying stars. Scientists plan to use the dust to gather clues to better understand the composition and the evolution of the universe. Dust grains that form around dying stars and are ejected into the interstellar medium lead, after a life cycle spanning millions of years, to the formation of planets and are a key c... Read More »

NASA’s Chandra Observatory delivers new insight into formation of star clusters


The data show early notions of how star clusters are formed cannot be correct. The simplest idea is stars form into clusters when a giant cloud of gas and dust condenses. The center of the cloud pulls in material from its surroundings until it becomes dense enough to trigger star formation. This process occurs in the center of the cloud first, implying that the stars in the middle of the cluster form first and, therefore, are the oldest. However, the latest data from Chandra suggest something else is happening. Researchers studied two cluste... Read More »

3M and Rush Enterprises to bring quality solutions to CNG industry


3M and Rush Enterprises today announce an agreement to pursue the design, manufacture and installation of a portfolio of compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks and fuel systems for use in Class 6-8 vehicles in North America. The Agreement allows for 3M to supply tanks with proprietary technology, and for Rush Enterprises to provide enhanced fuel systems, distribution and service support. “We believe the lack of a holistic approach to fuel system development has slowed adoption in this segment,” said Rory Yanchek, Vice President and General Manag... Read More »

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas Announces to Begin Construction of its New Automotive Equipment System Plant in Mexico State


Mexico continues to develop as a base for automotive manufacturing throughout the Americas, including Latin America. The numbers of foreign car maker factories are increasing. As a result, there are greater demands of localization to respond quickly to the community needs and to secure production capacity in Mexico for automotive equipment system manufacturers. Furthermore, due to NAFTA (Mexico, United States and Canada's North American Free Trade Agreement) and the Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE) No 55 regarding the automotive sector ... Read More »

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