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Society & Welfare

Physical Therapy in McKinney, Texas


If you seek physical therapy to recover from an orthopedic injury or surgery, consider OrthoTexas. The leading group of orthopedic physicians, surgeons and physical therapists provide complete healthcare services to the patients in McKinney, TX. They have years of experience in assessing, managing and treating a wide range of acute or chronic conditions of the musculoskeletal system. The physical therapists strive to maintain a balance between physical treatment and the patient’s active participation to speed up the healing process. At OrthoTe... Read More »

Author Neta Faynboym offers Whimsical Bedtime Story to give children sweet dreams


For some parents of toddlers, getting their child to go to sleep can be hard enough, not to mention the challenge of getting them to sleep in their own bed. Author, parent, and physician Neta Faynboym understands what children go through when it is bedtime all too well. Her new book, Big Boys Sleep in Their Beds, take a humorous look at how a mother and son deal with the fears that can be present in some children when their day ends. The book chronicles the sleep ritual she went through with her son when he was at the 0h-so-difficult time of hi... Read More »

Lowest prices of the year – Ashley Furniture HomeStore


If you have been looking for some great deals and price cuts on home furniture, now is the time you can revamp the décor of your home. Ashley Furniture HomeStore has announced its biggest sale where you can buy high quality furniture at lowest prices of the year. The Killeen, TX based furniture store is not only offering huge discounts, but easy financing and trade-in options as well. During the sale period, the customers can buy stylish furniture for their living room, dining room, bedroom, kids’ room and almost any room of the house. You can... Read More »

Vargo Golf holds fundraiser for injured EMT Workers at Rouge Park Golf Course on October 28th


Vargo Golf Company of Detroit is holding a 4 person scramble at Rouge Park Golf Course at 12pm on Wednesday October 28th. Rouge Park Golf course is located at 11701 Burt Road in Detroit. The 4 person 18 hole golf scramble will benefit the wounded Detroit EMT workers who suffered a malicious attack as they were providing care to a woman with an ankle injury. The EMT workers were near the Neighborhood Services Organization homeless shelter just south of Midtown when they were attacked. Vargo golf company manages Rouge Park golf course and m... Read More »

Rental homes and appartments in Corpus Christi


If you are looking for an affordable rental home or apartment in Corpus Christi, TX, The Rental Management Company can assist you. The full service real estate company has been providing reliable rental services to the clients for more than two decades. With such extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, you can completely trust the company’s dedication towards delivering the highest standards of services to the clients. When you work with The Rental Management Company, their agents will guide you throughout the renting process. The... Read More »

Brittany Ferries: Combine Christmas shopping with a Gourmet Cruise to France – from just £69pp


These cruises include return ferry travel (some with your car), plus fine French dining either on board Brittany Ferries' cruise-ferries, in France, or both. Customers can choose from four French arrival ports - the UNESCO world heritage city of Le Havre and home of impressionism (from Portsmouth), the historic Normandy town of Caen (from Portsmouth), the fishing port of Cherbourg (from Poole), or the historic Breton walled town of St Malo (from Portsmouth). But the most important question is - where to eat? Each cruise offers a range of carefu... Read More »

TrustYou Study with AccorHotels shows effect of TripAdvisor Reviews on Bookings


While we know that travel reviews influence traveler decisions—95% of travelers report using travel reviews regularly to make booking decisions*—the impact of reviews on hotels goes much further than just making the final cut. For instance, a Cornell study found that a one-point increase in reputation (based on a five-point scale) may result in a hotel’s ability to raise room rates up to 11.2%. A TrustYou heat mapping study found that given equal prices travelers are 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with a higher review score. And, even ... Read More »

Child Care Center in Killeen, TX


 If you are looking for a child care center where your kids can stay occupied and learn new things, consider enrolling them with Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas. The Killeen based kids and youth enrichment club is serving Texas since more than a decade. The child care center is known for organizing educational and recreational programs aimed at the overall development of the members. At Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, children aged 6 to 18 years can participate in various programs as per their choice and interests. The profess... Read More »

CBS: Child-rearing mostly done by mothers, including working mothers


Working equally long hours in paid jobs: mothers more involved in child-rearing than fathers Sharing of parenting tasks varies according to whether or not both parents have paid work. Fathers are only more involved in all or most parenting tasks when the mother is employed (part time or full time) and the father is not. Even when both parents are working equally long hours in full time or part time employment, mothers take on most child-rearing tasks. Dressing and nursing children done much more often by mothers Playing with children i... Read More »

Amsterdam to become the first smart city


An Internet of Things for Amsterdam A new initiative called The Things Network wants to make every city smart, and Amsterdam is first in line. The Dutch entrepreneur Wienke Giezeman came up with the idea for The Things Network earlier this summer, when he came across a cheap device that uses LoRaWAN technology. He realized that with only ten such devices, the entire city of Amsterdam could be covered. Unlike similar initiatives in other cities, this one was entirely crowdsourced, and was put together in only six weeks. First boats, ... Read More »

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