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New rules on Travel packages adopted to protect the rights of travellers when booking online


The new directive will update current EU rules on package holidays by aiming to adapt to travel market developments in order to meet the needs of consumers and businesses in the digital era. It will extend the protection for traditional packages to combinations of separate travel services, in particular if sold online. Latvian Minister for Economics, Dana Reizniece-Ozola, made the following comments: "This piece of legislation will provide travellers and industry with the long-awaited framework which is fit for purpose and future-proof for t... Read More »

Bertelsmann Stiftung: BREXIT could be expensive – especially for the United Kingdom…


If the United Kingdom exits the EU in 2018, as a consequence of the House of Commons elections on May 7, 2015 and a subsequent referendum on leaving the EU, this would have long-term negative consequences for the country's growth dynamic and economic vitality. By contrast, the economic losses for Germany and the remaining EU member states would be significantly smaller. But the bottom line is that everyone involved would lose economically and politically from the UK leaving the EU (BREXIT). This is the conclusion reached by a current Bertelsman... Read More »

Germany and the United States: Reliable allies


On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, large majorities in both countries (72 percent of Americans and 62 percent of Germans) expressed trust in the bilateral alliance, a finding that contradicts the widespread perception of a relationship in crisis. The poll shows that while skepticism (especially in Germany) exists, support for the US-German partnership as such remains firm. Despite the discord created by last year's revelations of NSA surveillance activities of Chancellor Angela Merkel, a majority of Germans (59 pe... Read More »

Ansip: EU will not change film release system


The system, by which a film is first screened in a cinema, followed by a release on DVD, and then on a video-on-demand service, has been around since the 1980s. But after commissioner Ansip announced he wanted to end geo-blocking - a technical restriction preventing online content being watched from a certain country - several European filmmakers expressed concern that the release window system would be affected. But Ansip, who was appearing before the parliament's culture committee, said that he just wants consumers who have bought a fil... Read More »

Nepal Earthquake: EU mobilises all emergency response means


"I have mobilised all our means for emergency response to help the survivors and authorities in the aftermath of this tragedy. What is needed most are medical teams and relief supplies. I call on all EU Member States to join the coordinated European response," said EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides. The Commission's emergency aid will go towards the most urgent needs in the worst affected areas, including clean water, medicine, emergency shelter and telecommunications. The EU Civil Protection... Read More »

Bertelsmann Stiftung: Germans and Poles: ‘Stay the course with Russia’


The findings also show that people in the two countries have different perceptions of the threat emanating from Russia, leading Poles to feel a greater level of caution is warranted when dealing with their eastern neighbor. Generally, however, Poles and Germans agree that their countries should take a clear stance on the conflict in Ukraine but avoid any further escalation. Despite their basically similar interests, however, the idea seems to have taken hold in recent months that Poles and Germans view the Russian-Ukrainian conflict differen... Read More »

EU Solidarity Fund: €66.5 million for Bulgaria, Italy and Romania after severe flooding


The aid — €1.98 million to Bulgaria, €56 million to Italy and nearly €8.5 million to Romania — aims to partially cover the emergency costs of recovery operations following floods. It will particularly help restore vital infrastructure and services, reimburse the cost of emergency and rescue operations, and cover some of the clean-up costs in the disaster-stricken regions. Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Crețu said: "The EU Solidarity Fund is one of our strongest symbols of solidarity in times of need. In many cases, the financial aid... Read More »

Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists in Arizona is proud to announce services now available in Texas


Law Enforcements Specialists, Inc. has a proud reputation as the only nationwide security company that places full-time police officers, without exception. With Law Enforcement Specialists, you will be able to instill safety and security at your event. Whether it is a public or private event, personal protection, road construction and traffic sites, homeowner associations, and even movie sets and celebrities, Law Enforcement Specialists is here to help. Having an off duty police offer nearby will often help to prevent a criminal threat. Shou... Read More »

Facebook tracking said to breach EU law


Compiled by researchers for the Belgian Privacy Commission, the report says the social media giant places cookies whenever someone visits a webpage belonging to the facebook.com domain, even if the visitor is not a Facebook user. A cookie is a small file placed onto a computer by a browser and contains information that can be used to track and identify users. People without Facebook accounts are not spared. The 67-page report, first published in late February and then again with updated chapters on Tuesday (31 March), notes that “Facebook... Read More »

Bertelsmann Stiftung: Germany’s labor market needs more immigrants from non-EU countries


Gütersloh, March 27, 2015. In the coming decades, Germany will be more dependent than ever before on immigration. Without immigrants, the number of people of working age would sink from approximately 45 million today to less than 29 million. That would represent a decline of 36 percent. This gap cannot be closed without immigration. Even if women were to be employed at the same rate as men, and the retirement age was increased to 70, the number of potential workers in the country would rise by only about 4.4 million. These are the findings of a... Read More »

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