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Russia Knows CIA Plans. Russia Creates CIUA Security to Make Good Relations in The World


Moscow, Russia, APR 05, 2015 -- You can read news how Russian security service has known American CIA plans: the real reasons why Edward Snowden has come in Russia was that CIA gave him the information and they also sponsored popularization the Edward Snowden story in mass media. What for? They use methodic that the situations in objects depends on the objects activity and also it depends on the information about objects in informational channels. Every channel has different prestige. And CIA want to demonstrate that they know much about every ... Read More »

NASA Cargo Launches to Space Station Aboard Orbital ATK Resupply Mission


“NASA is delighted at the continued progress made possible by our investment in commercial space,” said NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman. “As we celebrate Orbital ATK’s success with its fourth cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station, we look forward to the next milestones of our other commercial partners, including commercial crew launches from American soil in the near future. All these missions are critical to our journey to Mars – a journey we have already begun.” The mission is Orbital ATK's fourth cargo delivery f... Read More »

Croatia-Serbia border tensions escalate


Croatia blames Serbia for the large influx of migrants seen over the last week, with almost 50,000 refugees flooding into the EU state. The surge happened after Hungary, the northern neighbor of both countries, closed its green border with Serbia with a metal fence. Zagreb is angry that Belgrade is now bussing the migrants to Croatia and says it should send them to Hungary and Romania as well. Croatia last week closed seven of eight border crossings with Serbia to vehicles before halting cargo traffic altogether to put pressure on Belgrad... Read More »

H&M Conscious Foundation makes donation to Refugee Crisis in Europe


So far, this year, more than 300,000 refugees have fled across the Mediterranean from war, violence, conflict and persecution in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan. Every day a large number of refugees arrive on the shores of south Europe in need of shelter, food, health care and water. The H&M Conscious Foundation will donate USD 500,000 to UNHCR who are offering refugees support on site. The funding from Conscious Foundation will be directed towards interventions such as emergency rescue kits, medica... Read More »

Eastern EU states want common stance on asylum


The four oppose a binding quota system to distribute some 120,000 migrants from Italy, Greece, and Hungary across European member states. But others like Germany are backing a compulsory system. Ministers are meeting in Brussels on Tuesday (22 September) in a second attempt to agree to the proposal, while on Wednesday, an emergency summit is due to be held in which leaders will discuss broader aspects of the asylum crisis. The split in views has deepened over the past few weeks as tens of thousands of people continue to cross over the ... Read More »

The Trump Backwards Running Watch introduced


The Washington Watch Co., has just introduced a watch that makes a lighthearted statement about the direction of the Trump presidential campaign. The Trump Backwards Running Watch features a specially designed Japanese movement that turns all three hands counterclockwise. The hourly numbers are also backwards so it's easy to tell time. "The watch is a great conversation starter. It combines a political statement with the uniqueness of the backwards movement," said Richard Tuck," marketing manager for Washington Watch. "We're getting a gre... Read More »

Plan to end refugee crisis proposed to EU Politicians


Summary of the plan: Install a German embassy on the Turkish side of the border with Syria. We don't have to waste time by constructing a luxury building: we just choose an available, solid empty building, surrounded by an enormous part of land, belonging to the building, and give the total compound the official status of foreign (German) embassy... From the moment the Syrian refugees arriving there, they receive immunity and can stay under German supervision, without further travelling to the country of Germany, or neighbouring countries. Sinc... Read More »

Immigration is Europeans’ biggest concern, poll finds


Thirty-eight percent of Europeans regard immigration as their main policy priority, the spring Eurobarometer poll published on Friday (31 July) found, a 14 point increase from last autumn. Migration has been pushed up the political agenda as thousands of migrants from north and sub-Saharan Africa cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life in Europe. According to Frontex, the EU’s border agency, 153,000 migrants had landed in Europe by the end of June this year, a 150 percent increase on 2014. The largest numbers of migrants ha... Read More »

Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists now offering services in Texas


Texas Street Force: Although your certified security guard may deter crime from your office buildings, events, or even residential communities; ordinary security guards only have the ability to contact law enforcement to confront situations in the event of an emergency. Police officers are highly trained, and take action immediately. Here are some forms of protection an off-duty police officer in the State of Texas can help protect you and your community... Homeowners Associations: Having off duty police officers present as homeowners' assoc... Read More »

Reality Realty Virginia Heroes hosts Aug. 15 Potomac Nationals Military Appreciation Night


WWE "Hall of Famer" and former Marine, Sgt. Slaughter will join Heroes Media Group, Student Veterans of America, and Battlefield Resumes at the Potomac Nationals Military Appreciation Night on Aug. 15, 2015 at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Virginia. "It's become a tradition for Reality Realty Virginia Heroes to sponsor this great event at PNats stadium," said Sam Cachola, owner of Reality Realty, the number one Homes for Heroes Affiliate in the nation ( "Four years and counting, we have sponsored this game to... Read More »

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