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Statement by President Barroso on the 10th anniversary of the reunification of Europe


The reality is that ten years on, Europe is stronger, richer and safer - politically, economically and culturally. Enlargement has made the EU the world's biggest single market. Increased trade between member states brings new jobs, new investment, more growth. Enlargement has also further strengthened Europe's weight in the world. As a Union of now more than 500 million citizens, we make our voice heard across the globe. And now that we are recovering from the recent economic crisis, it is also good to remind ourselves of these successes en... Read More »

EIB lends €249 million to Province and University of Trento


University of Trento - €70 million The EIB is supporting the modernisation of facilities and scientific research at the Trento University with a €70 million loan. Investment in tangible infrastructure represents 60% of the total project cost and will include the construction, refurbishment and equipping of teaching, research and support facilities. The support for research and development will consist of the financing of direct R&D investments plus the share of salaries of academic staff corresponding to the time spent on R&D and the... Read More »

Secret EU lawmaking: the triumph of the trialogue


At intervals, members of the Parliament's catering staff silently walk round the room offering tea and coffee. Unless you were involved, you wouldn't know that the meeting - one of around 1,000 so-called 'trialogue' meetings to take place in 2013 - was actually happening. At this particular gathering to discuss plans to re-write the EU's accounting directive in March 2013, MEPs from the Parliament's legal affairs committee - Klaus Lehne, Arlene McCarthy, Eva Lichtenberger, Alexandra Thein and Saj Karim - made a breakthrough. They secured ... Read More »

ExxonMobil Marine Affiliate Names Liberty Bay, New U.S.-Flag Tanker in Philadelphia


The first-in-class vessel, constructed at the shipyard, incorporates the latest safety, navigation and engine room technologies and will begin supplying crude oil from Alaska North Slope to refineries along the U.S. west coast later this year. The double hull Liberty Bay is 820-feet long and has capacity to carry 800,000 barrels of oil. SeaRiver Maritime’s contract with Aker for two tankers, valued at $400 million, delivered a significant economic boost to the greater Philadelphia region where it generated employment and millions of dollars ... Read More »

Russia says Kiev ‘breaking Geneva accord’ on Ukraine


He said Kiev authorities had not granted an amnesty to arrested protesters, as required by the Geneva deal. ... Read More »

Bertelsmann Stiftung: Is Ukraine as divided as most people think?


The unrest in Ukraine continues. First there was the Crimean referendum and the peninsula's declaration of independence, followed by its "accession" to the Russian Federation. More recently there have been violent clashes in the country's southeastern region and demonstrators have called for a referendum in Odessa as well. Now there are fears that Russia will invade the country. Russian is spoken in Odessa, despite the fact that more than 60 percent of the people there are ethnic Ukrainians. But does language determine identity in Ukraine? ... Read More »

EU countries to boost defence budgets in light of Ukraine


Speaking to press after a regular meeting of EU defence ministers in Luxembourg on Tuesday (15 April), the deputy chief of the EU’s external action service, Maciej Popowski, said: “We’ve had 70 years of peace now [in Europe], but we see that power politics is back with a vengeance, so it’s a wake-up call and now we need to get serious about defence.” He noted that “this was the feeling around the table” at the Luxembourg event. He added that EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton told the ministers: “If Ukraine is not a trigger to ge... Read More »

Europe faces worst human rights ‘crisis’ in decades


Coupled with unemployment and poverty in many of the 47 countries under its mandate, the violations help feed extremism and fuel conflict, it notes. “The challenges to security in Europe are more often caused by conflicts within territories, within states than classical conflicts between states,” Daniel Holtgen, CoE spokesperson told this website. CoE secretary general Thorbjorn Jagland - in a statement entitled "Europe in biggest human rights crisis since Cold War” - said the lack of democratic checks and balances, free media and an inde... Read More »

Syria, Ukraine & Bosnia and Herzegovina on the FAC’s agenda


The Council will assess developments in Ukraine, as well as EU-Russia relations, while over lunch, ministers will discuss developments related to the crisis in Syria and hold an in-depth exchange on Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Council is set to adopt conclusions on these three items. The Middle East peace process and the recent elections in Afghanistan are also on the Council’s agenda. The EU-Tunisia Association Council will start at 18.15, chaired by Dimitris Kourkoulas, Greek Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs (TV/photo opportunity). ... Read More »

Hitachi Establishes European Nuclear Research Centre


The nuclear power industry in the UK has a long history which dates back to the beginning of commercial operation of the Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station in 1956. Currently, the research and development that has underpinned the industry has mainly been conducted at universities, and is particularly strong in basic research fields such as materials and analytical measurement, as well as decommissioning techniques, including the disposal of waste, since there is a large number of ageing nuclear power facilities in the UK. ENRC will be conduct... Read More »

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