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Google Cloud Platform announces new credits program for researchers

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Whether you’re just starting out with a new idea, or validating your work before sharing it with the public, we want to help you advance your new discoveries. That’s why we’re deepening our support for your biggest questions and best guesses through a new program: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) research credits. Academic researchers in qualified regions are encouraged to apply. Like the Google Cloud Platform Education Grants to support computer science courses and the partnership to support National Science Foundation (NSF) grants in BIGDATA, o... Read More »

FedEx Office Survey Reveals Enduring Preference for Printed Materials in Today’s Increasingly Digital Environment


More than nine in 10 consumers agreed there will always be a need for printed materials, with almost half (49 percent) of those surveyed saying a world without paper would make them feel stressed or annoyed. In the survey, FedEx Office explored the opinions of consumers and small business owners to learn more about their preferences and purchasing habits regarding professional printing services. Among the key findings: 70 percent of respondents reported having items professionally printed the same amount or more than in the previous year... Read More »

BMW TrackMan Open: Golf in the digital age with a global and innovative competition for everyone.

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“The cooperation between BMW and TrackMan combines the strengths of two technological leaders in their sectors. In the BMW TrackMan Open, we have worked together to develop a digital golf tournament, which adds a fascinating new facet to the world of golf and will play a role in shaping the sport’s future,” said Christian Masanz, Head of BMW Golfsport Marketing. “The BMW TrackMan Open combines high-tech, digitalisation and networking, and allows amateurs and professionals all over the world to take on an entertaining yet demanding challenge. As... Read More »

Vadim Blaustein: Luxe jacht van je dromen aanschaffen


Vadim Blaustein, inwoner van Monaco en een ervaren jurist, vertelt in dit interview wat toekomstigе jachteigenaren moeten weten voordat zij het luxe jacht van hun dromen aanschaffen. Hoe financier je de aanschaf van een superjacht? Vadim Blaustein: Er zijn verschillende manieren om de aankoop van een superjacht te financieren. Over het algemeen bieden banken en marienkredietverstrekkers financiering. Ofwel via een leasetransactie voor een bepaalde periode of via een marienhypotheek, geregistreerd op een jacht in haar vlagregister. Een and... Read More »

Philips – the most reputable company in the Netherlands


Hans de Jong, President Philips Netherlands, is delighted by the Award: "It is great to see that we are increasingly appreciated for our strategic choice to fully focus on health technology. It is also worth noting that the public's appreciation of this choice has further increased compared to last year." It is great to see that we are increasingly appreciated for our strategic choice to fully focus on health technology. It is also worth noting that the public's appreciation of this choice has further increased compared to last y... Read More »

L’ORÉAL ranked 2nd favourite employer among French business school students


Still ranked in the Top 5, L’Oréal is now ahead of Google, Chanel and Apple, respectively ranked at 3rd, 4th and 5thplace. Above all, the group is now an exception in the consumer goods sector. This increase compared with last year is likely due to L’Oréal’s innovation capacity and its major digital transformation over the few years.   The question today is to know if we can still be ranked among consumer goods companies. Our company is today a hybrid model that combines high consumption indeed, but also luxury, pharmacy, B2B, that is ... Read More »

Volkswagen to offer electrified versions of its models


“Electrifying conventional drives will enable us to further reduce consumption and emissions while also increasing dynamics and convenience”, says Dr Frank Welsch, Member of the Board of Management for Volkswagen Passenger Cars with responsibility for Technical Development. Welsch continues: “We are starting this extensive electrification campaign with Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicle to date – the Golf. Our newly developed, cost-effective 48-V mild hybrid will pave the way for introducing this type of technology to the mainstream”. Volkswa... Read More »

BMW at the 15th Auto China Beijing 2018

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The selection of new products on display at the international vehicle fair taking place from 25 April – 4 May 2018 underlines the company’s commitment to the next steps in its electrification strategy, heralds its upcoming model offensive in the luxury segment and celebrates the continued success of the BMW X models. Added to which, the array of world and Asian premieres from BMW shines the spotlight on the huge significance of China as both the world’s largest car market and the production location for a growing number of models from the Bavar... Read More »

 Vadim Blaustein and his opinion on crowd funding as a sources of financing


Vadim Blaustein, the CEO of BlauStein Lawyers, answers several questions about crowdfunding, legal aspects of crowdfunding, the procedures in place and states his opinion on crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding? Who is using crowdfunding? Vadim Blaustein: In it’s very essence, crowdfunding is a way of financing your idea or a project by collecting funds from people who believe in it and feel enthusiastic about it. We can simply say that crowdfunding is an alternative way of financing your brilliant idea. Crowdfunding is most commonly used b... Read More »

Nokia launches industry-first Edge Cloud data center solution for the 5G era, supporting industry automation and consumer applications


The AirFrame open edge cloud infrastructure has been developed for the 5G era, as the next generation wireless technology will create opportunities for operators to support advanced applications for consumers and industries, such as virtual and augmented reality video and real-time industry automation. Technologies such as Cloud RAN will be key to deliver on the 5G promise of ultra-low latency and massive data throughput, and will need to be supported by a highly efficient cloud infrastructure solution. To balance costs and functionality, 5G... Read More »

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