Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Online now: Volkswagen launches digital newsroom

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Volkswagen Communications is significantly expanding the content available in the new newsroom. Users now have access to over 9,000 images, 1,500 texts and 500 videos. And the website also brings visitors exclusive and exciting stories about all things Volkswagen. Quick and uncomplicated access to information Work on developing the portal focused above all on ensuring uncomplicated access to information as well as expanding content. For that reason, there is no registration process and it only takes a few clicks to access all material dir... Read More »

Helping People Connect with Local Businesses


Updating Pages: We’re redesigning Pages on mobile to make it even easier for people to interact with local businesses and find what they need most. For example, you can make a reservation at a restaurant; book an appointment at a salon; or see most recent photos, upcoming Events, and Offers. You can also now see Stories on Pages to get to know the people behind the business. Making Recommendations from your community more helpful: People use Recommendations to ask their communities where to go, where to eat, or where to shop. We’re making tho... Read More »

Digital News Innovation Fund: More than €21m of funding to reach €115m to date for innovation in news


Audio assistants, machine learning and subscriptions: key trends in this round The wide range of applicants is also reflected in the diversity of the final selection. We’re pleased to note that, of the 30 large projects selected, almost half (14) are collaborations between publishers, startups and academics. When we called for applications, one of the focuses for this round was on monetization and diversifying revenue streams. So we were excited to see several projects focused on "voice," such as audio assistants and mobility-focused applic... Read More »

“It is truly spectacular to see what Philips has done”


“It is truly spectacular to see what Philips has done,” says Joris Wijnhoven, who has been involved in the climate accord negotiations as Greenpeace’s campaign leader on climate and energy. This is a quote that can be found in an article by Dutch magazine Groene Amsterdammer, published this week. The article describes Philips’ commitment and journey to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation with the goal to improve the lives of 3 billion people by 2025. A huge challenge for which the company had to transform itself in... Read More »

Putting machine learning into the hands of every advertiser

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In just one hour, we’ll share how we're helping marketers unlock more opportunities for their businesses with our largest deployment of machine learning in ads. We’ll explore how this technology works in our products and why it’s key to delivering the helpful and frictionless experiences consumers expect from brands. Deliver more relevance with responsive search ads Consumers today are more curious, more demanding, and they expect to get things done faster because of mobile. As a result, they expect your ads to be helpful and personaliz... Read More »

Philips’ “Dutch MasterJuices” campaign scooped two bronze wins at Cannes Lions 2018


With the campaign, Philips partnered with the Dutch Rijksmuseum to highlight the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption in a healthy and balanced diet. “Dutch Masterjuices” addresses the question – would we notice if this important part of our diet was suddenly taken away? The healthy living campaign marks the release of a short film which sees still life works of art suddenly appear without its fruit and vegetables in a bold move that creates surprise with museum visitors. While the seemingly altered art creates confusion, the mis... Read More »

Investing in Investigative journalism


Over the coming months a team of expert trainers will provide up to 20 free workshops across the U.K., each designed to help newsroom and freelance journalists sharpen their digital newsgathering and research skills. The practical workshops will feature technology from a range of providers and include real-life examples, including how individual journalists have traced original sources. We’ll also support the CIJ to host a conference in northern England for the first time, offering advanced skills for journalists living and working outside of L... Read More »

Watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot this Saturday


To give people everywhere a chance to join together and celebrate this royal union, on Saturday, May 19, the ceremony will be live streamed on the Royal Family's official YouTube channel. The live stream will follow the wedding procession, marriage ceremony at Windsor Castle, and wedding day happenings along the way. Afterwards, the footage will be reshown so that people can enjoy this wonderful event no matter their location or time zone. Whether you’re from Blighty or anywhere else on the globe, all eye... Read More »

Forbes Releases 2018 List Of The World’s Most Powerful People

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, seizes the top spot on Forbes’ 2018 ranking of The World’s 75 Most Powerful People for the first time ever. China’s congress amended its constitution in March, broadening Xi’s influence and eliminating term limits. Russian President Vladimir Putin (No. 2) has been knocked out of the top spot, a title that he held for four consecutive years. A little over one year into his term, President Donald Trump falls to the No. 3 spot. Newcomers to the list include Mohammad Bin Salman Al Sa... Read More »

Visualizing the #MeToo movement using Google Trends


In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we created Me Too Rising, a visualization of the global #MeToo movement through Google Trends data. On the site, you can look at global interest starting last fall and watch as consciousness spreads over time. In the past year, #MeToo has been searched in 195 countries—that's every country on earth. You can see the cities where it was trending on different dates and see what’s happening now at local levels with city-specific Google Search results for “Me Too.” And the sexual assault resources pa... Read More »

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