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Green Ivy Publishing announces a new book by author John Malek: JOURNEYS: The Reality of Unexpected Adventures and Survival


I have learned that for every rejection, every failure, and every journey, I was always being redirected to something better. Every journey tells a story and every story has a meaning. Journeys, by John Malek, is a brutally honest, yet inspirational, account of one man's ability to overcome adversity, dysfunction, abuse, and addiction by clinging to the hope that one day his life would be better. From the Author: "At some point in all of our lives, we will be faced with various controversies. They can occur with or without warning, but... Read More »

A Hindu Elf? A Muslim Gnome? Finally, a Holiday Book for Every Religion with Hershel the Jewish Reindeer


A multicultural holiday tale from Dr. Jeff Geller shows that everyone can work together for a good cause. WESTFORD, Mass. - Reindeer have a very important job: bringing Santa all around the world so he can deliver his toys. Unfortunately, this means that Christian reindeer would not be able to celebrate Christmas with their own families. That is where Hershel fits in. As a Jewish reindeer, he does not mind working on Christmas so his Christian friends can stay home for the day. Joining him are a cornucopia of characters from all different... Read More »

Green Ivy Publishing announces the release of a new book by poet Djanice Lamour entitled A Collection of Poems


For we are lost in each other's existence, Nothing else matters but what is happening between us And there is nowhere to go but higher and higher still. Illinois Poet Djanice Lamour's new book, A Collection of Poems, touches the hearts of young and old alike. Broken into four sections entitled The Beginning or the End, Diversity, Beyond All the Glory, and Higher, the poems touch on topics that are thought provoking, encouraging and inspirational. Poems, like those in A Collection of Poems, have the ability to touch the reader and illumina... Read More »

New Memoir American Sweetheart: Still Not Making the Team Urges Readers to be Their Own Cheerleader


Dr. Chiufang Hwang tells an inspiring story about how dedication and confidence can knock down any barriers in life. Dallas - It's an underdog story like those featured in some of the greatest sports movies of all time. A newcomer with a lot of talent and heart overcomes great odds to rise to the pinnacle of her athletic career. This is the story of Dr. Chiufang Hwang, a 50-year-old psychiatrist trying out to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. In American Sweetheart: Still Not Making the Team, Hwang chronicles the highs and lows of trying o... Read More »

Pinched, by Wilson C. Carter III, is a thrilling true story struggle and survival in the violent world of Colombian cocaine smuggling


"He spoke to Marco with venom coating every syllable 'I am the Patron. I am the boss. My name is Carlos Castano and you belong to me now. Ese aire que estas respirando, ahora es mi aire, the air you breath into your lungs, is now my air.'" Wilson C. Carter III's novel, Pinched, is a gripping thriller that tells the electrifying true story of Marco, a poor adolescent Colombian fisherman whose ambitions and dreams of wealth result in his forced servitude to the A.U.C, a ruthlessly violent para-military organization operating at the height of C... Read More »

Colucci Shares With Young Adults The Keys to Success in Everything I Never Learned in School about How to Be Successful


A successful attorney, investor, speaker and entrepreneur, Colucci has written a new book that is a guide for every high school and college student to distinguish between survival and success. DUXBURY, Mass. - Designed specifically for young adults who are ambitious, curious, talented and determined, Colucci's latest book takes us out of the classroom with a practical lesson on how to be successful and happy in the journey of life. Everything I Never Learned in School about How to Be Successful, demystifies success, making it easy to underst... Read More »

Geller Shares Story of Holiday Cheer and Cultural Respect in New Book Hershel the Jewish Reindeer


Designed for the young readers, this book tells Geller's personal story with a witty, magical twist. DUXBURY, Mass., - As a Jewish man who married into Christian family Dr. Jeff Geller celebrates both Chanukah and Christmas with his family. However, as a doctor, some of those Christmases are spent at work. Hershel the Jewish Reindeer is based on Geller's personal story of sacrificing a night off from work so that others may celebrate their holiday traditions. "As a doctor, I often worked Christmas so that my Christian colleagues could spe... Read More »



The firm TWM AGENCY INK and TSUNAMI WORLDWIDE MEDIA pours some new gravy on the holiday with the announcement that the firm has signed Kirk Honeycutt , Brian Karem, and D.C. Rush Childrens Books - Don Rush. TWM AGENCY INK and TSUNAMI WORLDWIDE MEDIA is pleased to announce new clients to the firm whom are experts in their area. " The past few years have been a range of building out the literary division which is a compliment to the firms solid years in television, film and sponsorship" states Melissa K. McComas TWM AGENCY INK and TSUNAMI W... Read More »

Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest to present the Theatre Group’s Sultan Padamsee Award


Poet, writer, artist, actor, producer, director and set designer as well; truly an artist of diversity — Sultan (Bobby) Padamsee, set a precedent for the modern day theatre. Bobby founded the Theatre Group, whose first production Macbeth, was staged as early as 1941. As a fitting tribute to this personality, in 1966 the Theatre Group instituted this award to recognise playwrights of Indian origin to encourage Indian English theatre. Gurcharan Das’s Larins Sahib, Gieve Patel’s Princes, Dina Mehta’s The Myth Maker, Cyrus Mistry’s Doongaji House a... Read More »

Intel, Disney Light Up the Sky Over Walt Disney World Resort with New ‘Starbright Holidays’ Drone Show


“Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration” marks the first time a show-drone performance of this scale has ever been performed in the United States. It will feature 300 Intel Shooting Star drones in a choreographed aerial performance set to holiday-themed music. The show also marks the U.S. public debut of the Intel Shooting Star drone – a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) specifically designed for entertainment purposes such as festivals, air and light shows. “We are excited to work with Walt Disney Imagineering to bring a fresh... Read More »

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