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Bank of Moscow launched unique application — My Travel Card — to recharge Troyka Cards via Android Smart-Phones


Using My Travel Card mobile application, one can buy and record any ticket of the existing tariff menu to Troyka travel card: Single, TAT for 1-60 trips, 90 minutes or a travel card for 30, 90, 365 days; as well as recharge digital wallet balance and read current balance of Mosgortrans and Moscow Metropolitan tickets recorded on the card. The application is designed for mobile devices with Android operating system and NFC technology. My Travel Card application is the development of the Single Payment Platform of the Bank of Moscow, and it ut... Read More »

The 5 hidden costs of paper invoices [New Corcentric Webinar]


McLean, VA - Corcentric, a leading provider of accounts payable automation and electronic invoicing software, announced today that it will host a new Accounts Payable Webinar, "The 5 Hidden Costs of Paper Invoices," on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT. As companies look for areas within the enterprise where efficiencies and savings can be captured, they may not be looking at Accounts Payable. That may be due to the fact that AP is often regarded as simply a cost of doing business. Corcentric's latest Webinar reveals that man... Read More »

Bidding on a property doesn’t have to be a pain


Bidding on a hubzu property can be a royal pain, if you have no idea what you are doing. Trying to get your real estate agent to bid on a hubzu deal can be even worse. Most realtors have no idea what they are doing when it comes to bidding on a hubzu property. We created the www.HUBZU.GURU That's right, not a dot com site, but a dot GURU site to help everyone out there who needs this data. the first lessons are completely free, so dive in and enjoy. Rapid Real Estate Success Systems, has a team member who has cracked the code on winning a... Read More »

Vodafone: Contactless Card Payments enabled on Vodafone Wallet with Visa and Carta Worldwide


This service, which requires a Vodafone NFC SIM, will be supported on a wide range of Android smartphones. To use the service, customers will: input their bank cards to the Vodafone Wallet app, where an alias of each card is stored securely in the Vodafone NFC SIM; confirm ownership of the card using Verified by Visa authentication; pay by tapping their phones against a contactless point-of-sale terminal; and check their mobile payment transaction history using their phones, wherever they are. Payments are automatically debited fro... Read More »

Shop Direct moves closer to goal of building the world’s most personalised shopping experience


The breakthrough is a major step towards Shop Direct’s goal of building the world’s most personalised digital stores, which will give customers an easier, more intuitive shopping experience. The Personalisation initiatives are expected to add over £20m in sales at Shop Direct in its current financial year. Visitors to can now be greeted with homepages designed specifically for them. This means that the twenty something who shops with for that perfect party frock can find her favourite fashion brands ‘front of shop’ whil... Read More »

Statistics Netherlands: Incomes households and corporate profits up


Higher profit margins corporate sector Due to economic growth in the Netherlands and other countries, the private sector also recorded higher profit figures in 2014. Profits in the sector non-financial services rose by more than 8 billion euros to 115 billion euros. As a result of higher profits, the total amount paid in dividends rose to 36 billion euros. The profits of financial institutions rose by 3 billion euros to 17 billion euros. The bulk of the profits was generated by foreign subsidiary companies. Financial institutions paid out 8 ... Read More »

CBS: substantial rise in hotel guests in 2014


Tourism in the Netherlands grew relatively strongly In 2014, 36 million guests stayed in overnight accommodation in the Netherlands such as hotels, holiday cottages, camp sites and group accommodation. This is 6 percent more than in 2013, the largest increase for six years. The number of Dutch guests rose by 4 percent, the number of foreigners by as much as 9 percent. This is larger than the 5 percent increase in international tourists worldwide and the 2 percent rise for tourists in western Europe published by the UNWTO. More tourists fr... Read More »

Skip-a-Payment’ feature by greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union


Although securing a loan, be it auto or home, can ease the financial crisis but not having enough funds to make a month’s payment can be a big problem. It would be a good option if you can avoid paying the loan for the specific month in which you have additional expenses. Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union offers skip-a-payment feature on the loans for the convenience of their members. To avail this option you just have to fill out a simple form given on their website to get the approval from the credit union. You have to provide your ... Read More »

Taylor, Ricci & Associates makes businesses debt free


If you're a business owner, maintaining your company from financial hardship is easier than expected. While business owners are scrambling to find the secret, it's generally closer than they think… Unpaid invoices. 2015 is here and so is your business. With the many elements that will arise this year, the main issue at hand is how do you supersede last years' numbers, make more profit and take on less debt? Studies show that a large part of US based businesses are in debt. While business owners fight to put their businesses in the green a... Read More »

Bank of Scotland: Oil & Gas sector powering through choppy waters


A survey of a broad cross section of UK oil & gas companies, carried out for Bank of Scotland’s fourth annual oil and gas report reveals 92% of companies are planning to grow over the next two years. Of the 101 companies questioned, 73 expect headcount to increase with only nine expecting a reduction. Two fifths (39%) acknowledged that the fall in oil prices had delayed planned investment in growth but when the estimates of net gains and losses for jobs are summed, a total of just under 8000 roles are expected to be created over the next... Read More »

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