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CBS: substantial rise in hotel guests in 2014


Tourism in the Netherlands grew relatively strongly In 2014, 36 million guests stayed in overnight accommodation in the Netherlands such as hotels, holiday cottages, camp sites and group accommodation. This is 6 percent more than in 2013, the largest increase for six years. The number of Dutch guests rose by 4 percent, the number of foreigners by as much as 9 percent. This is larger than the 5 percent increase in international tourists worldwide and the 2 percent rise for tourists in western Europe published by the UNWTO. More tourists fr... Read More »

Skip-a-Payment’ feature by greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union


Although securing a loan, be it auto or home, can ease the financial crisis but not having enough funds to make a month’s payment can be a big problem. It would be a good option if you can avoid paying the loan for the specific month in which you have additional expenses. Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union offers skip-a-payment feature on the loans for the convenience of their members. To avail this option you just have to fill out a simple form given on their website to get the approval from the credit union. You have to provide your ... Read More »

Taylor, Ricci & Associates makes businesses debt free


If you're a business owner, maintaining your company from financial hardship is easier than expected. While business owners are scrambling to find the secret, it's generally closer than they think… Unpaid invoices. 2015 is here and so is your business. With the many elements that will arise this year, the main issue at hand is how do you supersede last years' numbers, make more profit and take on less debt? Studies show that a large part of US based businesses are in debt. While business owners fight to put their businesses in the green a... Read More »

Bank of Scotland: Oil & Gas sector powering through choppy waters


A survey of a broad cross section of UK oil & gas companies, carried out for Bank of Scotland’s fourth annual oil and gas report reveals 92% of companies are planning to grow over the next two years. Of the 101 companies questioned, 73 expect headcount to increase with only nine expecting a reduction. Two fifths (39%) acknowledged that the fall in oil prices had delayed planned investment in growth but when the estimates of net gains and losses for jobs are summed, a total of just under 8000 roles are expected to be created over the next... Read More »

CBS: Economy most urgent problem according to Dutch voters


Changing views In the period 2006-2012, voters’ views on a number of issues have changed. In 2006, problems related to the integration of minorities in Dutch society were most often identified as the most urgent social problem, but in 2010 ‘finances and economy’ ranked as top priority problems. In 2012, these views were re-confirmed, as is shown in the National Voters Survey 2006-2012 published today, which elaborates on the electorate’s views regarding a wide range of political issues. Economic and cultural threat The share of voters ... Read More »

CBS: Dutch retailers lag behind other European shopkeepers


Dutch retail trade recovering more slowly than neighbouring countries Since the start of the credit crisis in 2008, Dutch retail trade has been performing less well than trade in Belgium and Germany, while in the years before the crisis it grew more strongly. In Belgium, the volume of sales continued to rise steadily, even during the crisis. And German retail turnover has been growing almost continuously since 2009. In the Netherlands, sales shrank year after year for five years in a row, and only in 2014 did retailers manage a modest volume... Read More »

GfK: Data security and time investment are hurdles for smartwatch payments


The majority of consumers above all consider the new smartwatches to be useful for fitness and health monitoring. In Germany, only 20 percent of respondents were actively interested in their use for making payments. Consumers were also hesitant about this option in South Korea (28 percent) and the UK (27 percent). Enthusiasm was greater among consumers in the USA, with 40 percent of respondents expressing interest. In a workshop on user behavior led by GfK experts, participants from the UK identified three significant barriers. One concern i... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group: Scotland’s cities need major investment in family homes


The proposal is just one of a number included in Bank of Scotland’s How Scotland Lives report; a study of current trends in Scotland’s housing market. Shape of Scottish Housing Market More than three in five people in Scotland (62%) own their own home, with 29% owning the property outright while 33% have a mortgage. Over a third (36%) rent a home or live with family and friends. Rental agreements secured through letting agents and landlords represents 12% of the housing market in Scotland while social housing makes up 14% of the sector... Read More »

Alliance National Insurance increases Surplus 25% for 2014


Alliance National Insurance Company(ANIC) announced today that it has increased policyholder surplus by 25% for the year ending 2014 to $7.2m. In addition, direct written premiums increased 34% to fuel a $2.1m increase in net income. This allowed senior management to voluntary strengthen its loss reserve position. Alliance National's president and CEO, H. James Agnew said "as a boutique carrier, any swing in market conditions has an immediate impact on our financial position. We have been able to implement a very disciplined approach to unde... Read More »

Selling your CFO on AP Automation [New Corcentric Webinar]


Corcentric, a leading provider of accounts payable automation and electronic invoicing software, announced today that it will host a new Accounts Payable Webinar, "Selling Your CFO on AP Automation" on Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT. The Accounts Payable department can realize impressive benefits by automating the invoice approval process; however, CFOs have their own issues that need to be addressed and goals that need to be reached. Corcentric's one-hour Webinar shows how to make a convincing business case by connecting... Read More »

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