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Energy & Environment

Tata Power promotes organic farming in Jamshedpur to increase farmer income


Tata Power’s Jojobera plant has organised farmers of different villages like Sarjamda and Khairboni into farmer’s interest group and is supporting them for collective farming by using the latest agronomic practices. The company has further helped them in forming consolidated landholdings to overcome the constraints caused of small landholdings. The agricultural yield is divided in accordance to the proportion of land held by the individual farmers. The collaboration with Green View Nursery, the organisation with expertise in providing technical... Read More »

Don’t Look Now, But There Was Just a Mass Exodus of Oil Companies From the Arctic


Now that Spanish oil company Repsol has relinquished the last of its 93 leases in the Chukchi Sea, only one leaseholder is left — Shell. Why the company is holding onto a single lease after losing billions of dollars and any reputation for competence it might have had is anybody’s guess. But the fact remains: drilling in the Arctic is dangerous and expensive for oil companies, catastrophic for the environment, and unwelcome by the communities who live there. A Little History Once upon a time, way back in the 1980s and 1990s, oil companies ... Read More »

Tata Power Solar wins MNRE award for rooftop solar power projects


Tata Power Solar has commissioned 112.5 MW of rooftop projects till 2016, which was instrumental in getting this award. As per MNRE, the awards are presented to encourage efficiency and provide positive feedback to various government bodies as well as the private sector. Rooftop power plants are expected to constitute 40 percent of the government’s 100 GW target solar capacity to be achieved by 2022. Recently, MNRE announced a 30 percent subsidy for all residential and non-profit organis ations installing rooftop solar projects. Two of Ta... Read More »

NASA Satellite Finds Unreported Sources of Toxic Air Pollution


A known health hazard and contributor to acid rain, sulfur dioxide (SO2) is one of six air pollutants regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Current, sulfur dioxide monitoring activities include the use of emission inventories that are derived from ground-based measurements and factors, such as fuel usage. The inventories are used to evaluate regulatory policies for air quality improvements and to anticipate future emission scenarios that may occur with economic and population growth.   But, to develop comprehensive a... Read More »

Tide® Launches New Eco-friendly Detergent, Tide purclean™


wind power electricity and the bottle is also 100% recyclable. It is formulated to perform in cold water conditions to help save energy (but can be used in any water temperature). Tide purclean is also compatible with both HE (high efficiency) and non-HE washing machines. “We know we cannot positively impact the planet with a laundry detergent if people will not use it,” said Sundar Raman, Vice President, North America Fabric Care. “Many people have yet to embrace laundry detergents with biobased ingredients because they feel there is a trad... Read More »

Tata Sons’ Bharat Vasani conferred with Harvard Law School’s Professional Excellence Award


CLP is the world’s leading academic institution for conducting research about the rapidly evolving global legal services market. The awards were given out at a special dinner organised around a theme related to CLP’s research, ‘The changing role of the global general counsel’, held on May 10, 2016, at the Lincoln Center Stanley H Kaplan Penthouse Suite, in New York City. An elite group of general counsels, who have helped to set high standards both within their organisations and for the profession as a whole, will be honoured at the dinner. CLP... Read More »

The Power of 10: Transforming Lives with 10 Billion Liters of Clean Drinking Water


We’re celebrating this achievement this week, and throughout the month of May, in more than 20 countries, with our partners including humanitarian and emergency relief organizations, governments, business partners, our employees, P&G consumers and many other collaborators who have helped the CSDW Program reach this tremendous milestone. That’s 1 billion packets worth of life-changing clean water in just over 11 years. The 10 billionth liter was provided to Margarita, Gabriel, and their children Alejandro and Lorena in a community in S... Read More »

Deal Flow for Corporate Oil & Gas Players


Alongside and within the 14th Africa Independents Forum 2016, they are hosting: • 75th PetroAfricanus Club- World Upstream Reception: with Guest Speaker: Phil Loader, Executive Vice President, Global Exploration, Woodside Energy, Perth, Australia • 6th Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club Luncheon: with Guest Speaker: Irini Katsiani Hughes, Business Development Manager, EMEA, Statoil, London • 4th Africa's Hydrocarbon Arguments Discourse: On Shaping Africa's E&P Future • Special Panels: on Africa Oil & Energy Finance and Inv... Read More »

Statoil in mourning


"Today, Statoil is a company in mourning. Yesterday, we were hit by one of the most severe accidents in the history of the Norwegian oil industry. Many families have been hit, and we have lost good colleagues and friends,” says Eldar Sætre. The company will continue to support those who need it most, those who are directly affected, families, colleagues onshore and on the platforms. Statoil will also assist next of kin who are not present at the centre, and colleagues on Gullfaks B. Personnel with experience from following up people in crisi... Read More »

Name of Statoil employee released


He was a passenger on the helicopter en route from Gullfaks B to Bergen which crashed outside Turøy in Fjell municipality. Ole Magnar Kvamme (born 1955) was educated as an electrical engineer. He had been a Statoil employee since 1988, and most recently worked with plant integrity on Snorre, Gullfaks A and Gullfaks B. He had more than 10 years of operational experience from offshore operations. Ole Magnar Kvamme is survived by three adult children. “Our thoughts are first and foremost with Ole Magnar Kvamme’s family and close friends, who... Read More »

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