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Energy & Environment

H&M Group praised by Greenpeace for leading the way on responsible water and chemicals management

hm_detox_greenpeace_01 (1)

At H&M group we have been working on a responsible water and chemicals management in our supply chain for many years, having one of the strictest standards in the industry. With our commitment to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals, we took this to yet another level and increased our ambition to lead the way towards a toxic-free fashion industry as a whole together with other brands and partners. Among the big fashion brands/companies, H&M, Inditex, Benetton and Fast Retailing are leading the pack Greenpeace report Destination Ze... Read More »

Tesco farmers to benefit from new beef contracts as it relaunches Sustainable Farming Group

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The Aberdeen Angus farmers are located across the UK and supply Tesco with all its Finest beef steaks, mince and joints. Aberdeen Angus beef is recognised for its quality, and all the cuts included in Tesco’s range are aged for 28 days, providing customers with the best possible quality and flavour. To coincide with the introduction of the new contracts, Tesco is re-launching its Tesco Sustainable Farming Group for Beef. The Group becomes the 10th Tesco Sustainable Farming Group following the setting up of groups in areas including dairy, po... Read More »

BMW Group and Great Wall Motor sign joint venture agreement for MINI electric vehicles in China

During an event for autonomous and connected driving attended by China’s Premier Li Keqiang and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, the BMW Group and Great Wall Motor committed to found a new joint venture, “Spotlight Automotive Limited”, for the development and production of electric vehicles in China. As well as MINI electric vehicles, the joint venture will also produce electric vehicles for Great Wall Motor. The establishment of the new company is subject to approval from the relevant Chinese authorities and the completion of busi... Read More »

Straws are out, lids are in: Starbucks announces environmental milestone


Alexander, an engineer in Global Research & Development at Starbucks, and her team set to work drawing up plans for a strawless lid that would showcase Starbucks’ Draft Nitro and its trademark cold foam that was being served at a Reserve store in Seattle. For several weeks in 2016, Alexander would grab any available pen and a sheet of used printer paper when inspiration struck. She sketched and she sketched, working with a supplier in Wisconsin to conjure up complex designs including a two-piece twist-lock lid and a pull-tab lid that wen... Read More »

Scania wins Greener Supply Chain Award

Scania_Greener_Supply_Chain_1 (1)

The judges were impressed by how Scania has integrated sustainability into its transport procurement process, calling it “a very holistic approach that puts sustainability at its focus, rating CO2 emission equally with costs and quality”. Praise for Scania’s systematic approach The jury also praised Scania’s systematic and focused approach towards greener supply chains. “Scania has clearly changed the culture of its organisation to deliver this consistent and measured benefit. Seriously impressive,” they concluded. Scania was also reco... Read More »

Sustainable, stable power supply for tomorrow’s electric mobility

By participating in the balancing-power market, the BMW Group is implementing an innovative business model, enabling integration of renewable energies into the electricity mix and fulfilling important requirements for the electric mobility of tomorrow. Once again, the BMW Group is demonstrating its holistic view of premium electro-mobility and its belief in a sustainability that extends far beyond electrified vehicles. Balancing energy as a safety net Balancing energy serves as a versatile energy reserve that can be used to even out fluct... Read More »

Equinor has installed Batwind – the world’s first battery for offshore wind

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The battery storage solution was presented in Peterhead, Scotland today by Batwind partners Equinor and Masdar. Electricity produced at the world’s first floating offshore wind farm Hywind Scotland, located 25 kilometers off the coast of Peterhead, will be transported via cables to an onshore substation where the 1 MW batteries are placed and connected to the grid. The battery capacity is the equivalent of more than 128.000 iPhones. As the wind is not always blowing energy storage technologies like batteries and other ways of storing electri... Read More »

Coffee farming adapts in the face of climate change


“We love to grow coffee,” said Monge, 37, a small-holder farmer who delivers his coffee to Coopetarrazu, a local co-op that sells to Starbucks. “All that we have here — our car, our house, our education — everything comes from the coffee.” Which is why Monge is so concerned about how climate change is impacting his crop. In the last five years, Monge said the average temperature has increased and the rainy season is no longer as reliable. In 2017, for example, his farm received more than double the average amount of rainfall.  The year before,... Read More »

France becomes a centre of excellence for Renault’s electric vehicles within the Alliance


With the aim of strengthening the leadership of its French industrial base in the growing electric vehicle market, Groupe Renault plans to: Introduce a new Alliance electric platform in Douai to create a second Renault electric vehicle production site; Double ZOE production capacity and the launch of a new ZOE at Flins, the only ZOE production site in the world; Triple electric motor production capacities at Cleon and introduce a new generation electric motor from 2021. Invest in Maubeuge for the production of the next generation of... Read More »

DHL embarks on sustainable long-haul shipping with natural gas powered trucks

dhl_180618.678x381 (1)

DHL Freight, one of the leading providers of road freight services in Europe, has purchased four Liquefied Natural Gas powered Stralis trucks from IVECO in Belgium. These heavy-duty, long-haul trucks have a driving range of up to 1,500 kilometers and enable a total weight of tractor and trailer of up to 40 tons. With this purchase, DHL Freight is bringing environmentally friendly transport to its long-haul road freight. The trucks will be employed to create a sustainable transport solution for one of the world’s largest developers and sellers o... Read More »

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