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Three UvA researchers receive Rubicon Grant

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Jesús Aguirre Gutiérrez (Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics and Naturalis Biodiversity Center): Making Sense of Diversity: Remote Sensing of Functional Diversity of Tropical Forests The diversity of tree species in a forest ensures resilience against changes. Together with colleagues at Oxford University’s Centre for the Environment, Gutiérrez will use new satellite data, e.g. hyperspectral data, to distinguish tree species so that a forest's resilience can be determined remotely. Marc Heerdink (Psychology): Twitter Wars: Bipol... Read More »

‘No Child Sleeps Outside’ Campaign Raises $4.5 Million with Support from Starbucks


Businesses and individuals across King County came together in an unprecedented way this past holiday season to support the annual No Child Sleeps Outside campaign to address the crisis of hundreds of families and children sleeping outside in King County, many of whom are waiting months on average for basic emergency shelter. With contributions from more than 50 local businesses, organizations, foundations, and thousands of people who gave online and in over 200 local Starbucks® stores, Mary’s Place – the region’s largest family emergency shelt... Read More »

APTTI: An Institute that Fulfils Your Dreams


Aspiring Professional Teacher Training Institute or APTTI is a well known international teacher training academy that offers a wide array of courses for teachers. The institute is perfect for all the teachers across the globe who want modern curriculum, best training and expert and dedicated mentors. The slogan of the academy is “Be a key to the future”, which proves their motive of training a teacher. They use modern techniques and the best methodologies in order to impart knowledge to the teachers so that they become experts at teaching th... Read More »

First results advisory referendum and follow-up steps

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Turnout Of the 6,902 voting-eligible staff, 2,582 (37.4%) cast their vote (excluding AMC-UvA staff). Of the 34,849 students who were eligible to vote, 4,064 (11.66%) cast their vote. Results The questions posed by the committee broadly covered three topics: the creation of a broad deliberative forum (a ‘new-style senate’), a charter and four governance models. In short, the advisory referendum has shown that many people are in favour of a new-style senate and a charter. With respect to the preferred governance model, the picture is mixed ... Read More »

Peter van Tienderen appointed new dean of Faculty of Science

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The dean is charged with the overall management of the faculty. The appointment came about in consultation with the Faculty Works Council and Faculty Student Council. Geert ten Dam, president of the UvA-AUAS Executive Board and chair of the Appointments Committee: ‘I am extremely pleased that Peter van Tienderen is prepared to take up the position of dean. Peter has been closely involved in the strategic direction of the faculty, first as an institute director and subsequently as vice dean and acting dean. He is a collegial manager with a cl... Read More »

Peter Schoenmakers appointed as scientific director of HIMS

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The Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences focuses on chemistry research of both fundamental and applied nature. Led by Joost Reek the institute now has a workforce of approximately 135 staff members with a yearly output of around 200 peer reviewed publications, 20 PhD theses and 4 patents. Research is organized in 4 themes: Sustainable Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Molecular Photonics. Peter Schoenmakers already is responsible for the Analytical Chemistry research at HIMS. In this field he has establishe... Read More »

UvA physicists succesful in 2016 call for FOM ‘Vrije Programma’s’

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Strange metals Strange metals are called strange because their behaviour deviates from the standard properties of metals. Their electrical resistance increases linearly with temperature until the melting point. Together with colleagues from Leiden University, Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam, principal investigator Prof. Nigel Hussey (Radboud University) wants to investigate whether strange metals provide opportunities for quantum entanglement over longer distances based on holographic principles. The programme connects leadi... Read More »

UvA scientists receive NWO TOP funding

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Daring research The grants that were awarded are intended for innovating and daring scientific research with great scientific urgency in the fields of astronomy, informatics and/or mathematics. There are two types of TOP-funding: for senior scientists with a proven track record in the past 10 years and for young researchers in the early stages of their scientific career. Senior scientist grant recipients Dr Ulle Endriss, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation: Customisable Collective Choice Prof. Alex de Koter, Anton Pannekoek In... Read More »

Launch of Big History MOOC

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Since 2010, when Bill Gates found out about Big History and placed it on the map internationally, the development of this discipline has really taken off. This MOOC offers everyone the opportunity to learn more this subject and to integrate the content of the MOOC into their own education. This MOOC is not a direct replacement of the intensive Big History open lecture series at the UvA, but offers a clear introduction to this theme. Short films introduce a particular part of history, and astrophysicists, geologists, biologists, historians an... Read More »

Surprising finding under the hood of molecular motors

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Scientists of the Molecular Photonics research group at the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences have discovered surprising details regarding the operation mechanism of light-driven molecular motors. Led by Wybren Jan Buma and Sander Woutersen they have discovered a new electronic 'dark state' that results in a small but important stutter in these molecular motors. The findings enable a more efficient design of molecular motors. The results are published in this week's edition of Journal of Physical Chemistr... Read More »

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