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Nutrition protects against the impact of stress on the brain in early life

Universiteit Ams

Long-term hospital stay Previous research conducted by neuroscientists Eva Naninck, Paul Lucassen and Aniko Korosi revealed that stress during early development also permanently changes the brain in mice. This current study conducted by the same group demonstrates that supplementing the nutrition of the mother during this early period can mitigate the harmful consequences of this early-life stress later on. Korosi: ‘The fact that nutrients can influence impaired brain development deriving from stress in early childhood is hopeful. It enables u... Read More »

New impulse for Dutch-Danish quantum research

Universiteit Ams

Close collaboration Over the past years - long before the founding of QuSoft and QUMATH - researchers of both centers have already been working together in a natural way. The similarity in research topics and shared research goals offered a common ground for a close collaboration. The interaction has been accelerated through exchange of students and researchers. By signing this MOU both parties want to put the partnership and excellent relation between QuSoft and QMATH on firmer ground. By doing so QuSoft and QMATH agreed to exchange staff and... Read More »

Big shift in corporate ownership

Universiteit Ams

With the financial crisis of 2008 everything changed. When the financial market crashed, investors fundamentally changed the way they buy stocks. Before, they invested in actively managed funds, but after the crisis passively managed funds grew rapidly. In the USA, the three biggest passive investors already constitute the single largest shareholder in forty of all listed firms. What are the consequences of this shift in corporate ownership? This question is central to the political scientists who are united in theCorpnet research team. T... Read More »

The Analytics Academy selected as ICT training provider of the year

Universiteit Ams

The Analytics Academy offers a wide range of education and training in the field of big data, business analytics and data science for directors, managers, project managers and hands-on specialists. The Computable Awards jury praises the Academy primarily for the close collaboration between science and practice. Furthermore, the Academy has relatively extensive experience in data science education for professionals: the MBA Big Data & Business Analytics was the first of its kind in Europe. Marc Salomon accepting the Award Marc Salomo... Read More »

Executive Board opts for administrative dissolution of UvA-AUAS in proposed decision

Universiteit Ams

In early September, consultancy firms Berenschot and Deloitte issued their reports on the long-term partnership between the UvA and AUAS. In an initial response on 8 September, the Executive Board expressed its preference for dissolution of the administrative union, while retaining the partnership in the area of shared service provision. This issue was the subject of intensive consultation in September and October between the Executive Board and deans, directors, representative advisory bodies, staff and students of the two institutions. The ma... Read More »

Fun Activities For Kids In Killeen, TX


Killeen, TX, 2016/ Press Release: Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas is a renowned child care center organizing fun activities for kids aged 6- 18 years. These activities not only keep the kids engaged but also instill self-confidence in them. The Killeen, TX based club aims at exploring the hidden potential in kids and sharpening their existing skills. The impressionable minds of kids have great grasping powers. Thus, learning a specific skill becomes easier at this age. The activities at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas are well ... Read More »

Ron Wever receives Vanadis award For his seminal research on vanadium haloperoxidases

Universiteit Ams

The Vanadis Award is presented to researchers in the area of vanadium science. It honors contributions to innovative research and the development of new applications of vanadium as well as the influence of the recipient on the application and exploration of vanadium in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmaceutical science, and materials - or combinations thereof. Led by professor Ron Wever the HIMS Biocatalysis group has investigated vanadium bromo- and chloroperoxidases for almost thirty years. These enzymes are rather common in nature, ... Read More »

Research priority area Sustainable Chemistry boosts postdocs’ careers

Universiteit Ams

In today’s volatile career climate, PhD chemists get all too often stuck in a vicious circle. On one hand, they are expected to specialise more, requiring more post-dcotoral experience. On the other hand, academic positions and permanent industrial positions are scarce, leading to tough competition and numerous short-term 'postdoc' appointments, with meagre career perspectives. Mentoring and network-building To address this problem, the research priority area (RPA) Sustainable Chemistry is placing extra emphasis not only on research excellenc... Read More »

Sony Global Education to Host the 4th Global Math Challenge


Global Math Challenge has previously been held three times worldwide, available online simultaneously in Japanese, English, and Chinese. It has been supervised by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, an organization with a strong track record in math contests for children, and the test questions have been devised in collaboration with the Hanamaru Group, which is recognized for its excellence in developing questions that nurture creative thinking.Global Math Challenge will be offered in 8 different courses of difficulty to best suit the educ... Read More »

Choosing a mate: It’s the brain, not the nose, that knows

Universiteit Ams

Smelling a mate Female moths produce a sex pheromone, a different blend of chemicals for each species, which attracts males from a distance. Males detect these chemicals with exquisitely sensitive hair-like structures in the antenna. These hairs contain specialised neurons: nerve cells that express pheromone receptors that are activated when they bind to individual pheromone components. Different species have different pheromone receptors, and so the ability to most accurately smell females of the same species prevents attraction to other fema... Read More »

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