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Powerhouse Company & De Zwarte Hond present the Erasmus Pavilion


The Erasmus Pavilion is part of an ambitious masterplan by Juurlink + Geluk and Studio Sputnik to insert a social corridor through the heart of the campus; a programme including a new lake, food court, underground car park, system of circulation routes and re-landscaping. The completed pavilion – won through a competition in 2010 – forms the vibrant and central gathering space; for research to meet business and science to meet culture. The building is at once a café, restaurant, bar, study zone, meeting centre and multi-purpose auditorium. ... Read More »

Build home and bring Christmas to an orphanage in Africa


Lome, TOGO (West Africa) - ALAFIA YOUTH (Non-Profit) - A group of students and volunteers from around the world are running a crowdfunding campaign to help a Togolese (West Africa) orphanage build a decent shelter for this Christmas season. Since last October this orphanage of 58 kids have been living without electricity and clean water in a temporary dormitory that is way too small to accommodate them for long. This campaign is trying to raise support from people by offering some very exotic and unique perks such as an ebony pen and a traditio... Read More »

Homework help and tutoring at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas


Every parent wants his or her child to excel in academics and perform well. However, most of the parents do not have the time or necessary skills to tutor their kids and help them with their homework. If you are also facing a similar situation, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas can help. The club offers different educational programs to improve the practical and academic skills of children of different age groups. Tutoring Programs At Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas: Project Learn: This program enrolls kids aged 6 to 18 years... Read More »

Allianz’s visiting professor at LMU


"There was a lot he could do, but it wasn't enough." Shulamit Volkov almost has to laugh at her own choice of words; they sound so simple, but nevertheless summarize so fittingly what the new Allianz visiting professor has discussed over the last hour. In her lecture she paints a portrait of a controversial politician, a great industrialist, and above all a split personality. Walter Rathenau came from a reputable Jewish family, his father Emil founding the "Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität" (later AEG) in 1883. Althou... Read More »

Majority of students cite digital capabilities and services at universities as key factor in higher education choice, Accenture Survey finds


“Our research revealed that as universities compete to attract students, digital capabilities are a major draw,” said Ryan Oakes, who leads Accenture’s education practice. “Like successful government programs and businesses, universities need to rise to the challenge of addressing demands for digital services among current and prospective students.” At the same time, most students considered alternatives before deciding to attend university, and the survey showed that the cost of attending a university was the number one reason such universi... Read More »

Daimler: What does the future of mobility look like?


How will we get from A to B? This question is the main focus of the guest lecture of Dr. Dieter Zetsche at the University of Oxford. The CEO of Daimler AG spoke to students and professors of the prestigious British university on November 20th. He talked about the social, political, and technological developments that will shape tomorrow’s mobility; furthermore, he shed light on current automotive trends – ranging from emission-free to autonomous driving. The 40-minute lecture is in English language. ... Read More »

EIB: Teaching and research facilities at University of Kent to receive £75m capital injection


It will advance the existing Templeman Library development at the University’s Canterbury campus and support improvements to both academic and teaching spaces at its Medway campus. In addition, the funds will be used to develop a new building for the University’s business and mathematics schools and provide additional space for the University’s academic schools that have recently seen significant growth. Plans for new student facilities are also being developed, including the construction of a Student Administration Building which will provi... Read More »

Mott MacDonald: First ‘School of Tomorrow’ opens in Belgium


The ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ programme has been developed to bridge the gap between funding needs and available resources for school infrastructure in Flanders and Brussels. 165 schools will be built or renovated under the initiative, with a total build area of 625,000 sq m. A total of €1.5 billion will be invested, making it one of the largest public private partnerships (PPP) in Europe. Mott MacDonald is providing due diligence and construction monitoring for each individual school, as well as the overall ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ programme. P... Read More »

Author Donna LeBlanc offers children a creative role model in Commander Josh


NEW HARTFORD, Conn. - Children need an opportunity to explore using their own creativity away from their electronic devices. Celebrating that level of inquisitiveness is the goal of author Donna LeBlanc's new book, Explorations of Commander Josh. While so many children spend time attached to electronics, LeBlanc took her inspiration from a young nephew who always was - and is - full of life, transforming him into her central character. LeBlanc said, "It occurred to me that it would be entertaining to create a role model that could help child... Read More »

A micro-preemie launches crowd funding campaign at 11 years old


New York, NY - Brianna's story is a story of overcoming adversity. She was born 3 months early a micro-preemie at 25 weeks gestation weighing approximately 1 pound. At birth the Doctors said she only had a 25 % chance of survival. The Doctors told her parents that if she did survive there was a good chance she could have physical or mental issues. Her parents never thought she would go on to be as creative and intelligent as she is today. Her parents spent 99 excruciating days in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) with Brianna willing her ... Read More »

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