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Carrefour opens its Summerdrive

Carrefour opens its Summerdrive

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  • Last year, Carrefour did something new in Belgium by opening up a Summerdrive in Knokke, on the beach near Bruges in the north-west. This year, Carrefour Belgium is one once again opening its Summerdrive, only this time with even more products and customer benefits!
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What is a Summerdrive?

It’s very simple: it’s a pop-up drive store by the sea that’s open seven days a week all during the summer holidays. So if customers prefer to stay lounging on the beach instead of shuffling their way through the aisles of a store, they can simply visit and shop with their smartphones, tablets or PCs. They can then either pick up their shopping later on from the pop-up store, or they can have it delivered directly to them using the home delivery service.

Summerdrive Edition 2.0

This year, the Summer drive is returning to Knokke and will stay there until the end of the summer holidays. It will have the same pink flashy façade, but with four new features:

  • a wider range of products, including a new selection of ready-to-eat meals,
  • customers can now pick up their shopping after only 2 hours,
  • free delivery (when customers spend €40 or more) with an environmentally friendly vehicle,
  • 5% off on all shopping orders.

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