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Carrefour opens a new hypermarket in Vila Velha in Brazil

Carrefour opens a new hypermarket in Vila Velha in Brazil

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  • Last Thursday 10 September, Carrefour Brazil opened a new hypermarket in the state of Espírito Santo in the south of the country. This “new generation” hypermarket offers 20,000 items, of which 1200 are local products, 200 are Carrefour Quality Line products and 1400 are Carrefour own-brand products. The new store has a surface area of 5500 m².
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Directly or indirectly, the new store has created 470 jobs. 370 store employees have received over 4000 hours of training. As part of its multi-format strategy, Carrefour is expanding in Espírito Santo state. After the recent openings of 2 service stations and an Atacadão cash and carry, the new Carrefour hypermarket in Vila Velha offers its customers yet another format.

A “new generation” hypermarket

The smartly designed market zone has sections dedicated to meat, fish, bakery, confectionery, cheese, cured meats, ready meals and fruit and vegetables, all in a spacious, open-plan layout. The bakery section offers 180 items baked on the premises. The butchery offers counter service as well as a self-service section with over 100 items.

A salad bar offers an extensive selection of salads and sandwiches for consumption in situ.

In non-food products, the new store includes a home zone with over 3400 items and an appliances section with all the latest hi-tech products.
A pharmacy offers a range of dermo-cosmetic products and traditional remedies. Carrefour Brazil now has 33 “new generation” hypermarkets, and the target is 60 by the end of 2016.

A sustainable store

Preservation of the environment is built into the design of the new store. Some examples of the environmental features incorporated in the new store:

  • 100% LED lighting.
  • The heat generated by the cold storage plant is recycled to the store’s hot water circuit.
  • Rainwater is also collected for recycling.

And to fight waste, unsold products are donated to local food banks. Store employees can also work as volunteers with local associations supported by Carrefour.

Address of store: Avenida Luciano das Neves, 2.418, Vila Velha – ES
Open Monday to Saturday 8 am-11 pm.

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