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Carrefour: Diet and Climate Conference

Carrefour: Diet and Climate Conference

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  • Because what we eat influences our climate, Carrefour and the Avril group have been working together within the framework of the @SolutionsCOP21 Diet and Climate working group in preparation for COP21.
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Our shared aim?

Showcase our concrete solutions upstream of the farming sector to ensure that average global temperatures do not rise by more than 2°C.

A study has been conducted by consultancy firm BIPE in order to take stock of the current situation and analyse the causal relationships between what we eat and the climate, based on a set of recent scientific documents. This study is being presented today by Carrefour and the Avril group at a conference, in the presence of the WWF, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), the AFD (French agency for development) and the Bon pour le climat (“Good for climate”) association. This presentation will be followed by a debate.

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