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Carrefour-CITIC co-branded credit card launching

Carrefour-CITIC co-branded credit card launching

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  • Carrefour China and China CITIC Bank sign a cooperation agreement for launching in total China Carrefour-CITIC co-branded credit card. On August 29th, Carrefour China and China CITIC Bank have signed a National Cooperation Agreement for the launching of Carrefour-CITIC Co-Branded Credit Card covering China. In cooperation with CITIC Bank, Carrefour China will set up from September 2013 to mid-2014 more than 200 Financial Services Counters in its stores, offering the services of Co-Branded credit Card application, inquiry, credit card payment, credits exchange and other financial services.
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This cooperation will bring great benefits to customers and is built on a win-win partnership between the two companies. With the co-branded card, Carrefour customers will enjoy new important benefits, including :

  1. Every Wednesday and Saturday, 5% cash back on all purchases in Carrefour, as long as the single purchase volume reaches 99 RMB.
  2. Preferential treatment on Co-Branded Card Day—one day every month
  3. Member prices and services at all Carrefour stores
  4. Gift when customer first time usage in Carrefour
  5. Exclusive payment channel

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