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Bull opens up LA TRIBÜLL, its innovation-fuelled ‘company tribe’, to attract new talents

Bull opens up LA TRIBÜLL, its innovation-fuelled ‘company tribe’, to attract new talents

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  • Born as an internal expression of its brand identity, LA TRIBÜLL is now expanding to take in Bull's recruitment activities
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Bull has unveiled LA TRIBÜLL, its ‘company tribe’ to the outside world. Fuelled by a passion for innovation, the tribe is working to shape tomorrow’s world using technologies. And as a European leader in this field, Bull is expanding its tribe: recruiting new talent to join LA TRIBÜLL, by encouraging exchanges between the generations and mobilizing the spirit of innovation.

Meeting the technology challenges it faces every day, building an ever more loyal workforce and attracting new talent to join its ranks: all these are key for the Bull Group. And it is this spirit that gave birth to LA TRIBÜLL, initially the focus of an internal communications program around the character of… Ü. And so Bull’s ‘company tribe’ – LA TRIBÜLL – was conceived.

An extended community, open to the business world

With LA TRIBÜLL, Bull is planning to build even greater loyalty among its people and attract new talent by:

  • Establishing a unique, shared identity for its members: an endearing character, which plays on the northern European sounding name, Bull, and a common language
  • Creating a sense of belonging based on mutual recognition and identification of common values: innovation, agility, commitment, team spirit
  • Enabling a real dialogue between the members of the ‘tribe’, leading to the creation of a network of internal meetings, an internal blog, fun videos featuring Ü…

Creating value through the quality of that dialogue.

The launch video for the program has also been recognized, recieving the top award (the Prix d’Or) for HR creativity from ACCE (the French association of employee communications consultancies) on April 9. LA TRIBÜLL and its friendly, dynamic and attractive personification, Ü, are now being used as part of the Group’s recruitment operations.

Innovation: part of Bull’s DNA for over 80 years

The campaign strapline ‘LA TRIBÜLL, TALKING THE FUTURE’, refers to the Group’s history and its future, which depends on innovation: an integral part of Bull’s DNA. The spirit of innovation – on which LA TRIBÜLL depends – is the cornerstone of all the Group’s initiatives.

  • When Bull develops the computing power that lets organizations meet their growing need for advanced computer simulations
  • When Bull supports its customers by helping them extract ever greater value from the massive amount of data now available to them and meet the challenges of Big Data
  • When Bull, with its Cloud offering, manages the applications and services that allow hundreds of thousands of users to work on line, day in day out
  • When Bull ensures that business users can protect all their data and communications, using the Hoox secure Smartphone
  • When Bull imagines and delivers ‘smart cities’ using its solutions for the ‘Internet of things’
  • When Bull launches Supercomputor, its mental maths game that awakens the geek in all of us!

In every one of the Group’s initiatives, innovation lives and breathes life into the members of LA TRIBÜLL!

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