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BMW TrackMan Open: Golf in the digital age with a global and innovative competition for everyone.

BMW TrackMan Open: Golf in the digital age with a global and innovative competition for everyone.

  • Germany
  • Munich. Virtually every world-class golfer uses it: The TrackMan – a tablet-sized device for data analysis and evaluating golf shots. In cooperation with BMW, manufacturer TrackMan is running a tournament format, which allows any amateur or pro around the world to take part in real time, and to take on the best players on the planet. The BMW TrackMan Open runs in two categories (Female Only and Open) from 1st May to 31st October, with prize money awarded each month and to the overall winners at the end of the tournament. BMW will also reward the best amateurs with a place in the Pro-Am at the prestigious BMW PGA Championship in 2019. The BMW TrackMan Open is an innovative format, which is taking golf to a younger target group and into the digital age.
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“The cooperation between BMW and TrackMan combines the strengths of two technological leaders in their sectors. In the BMW TrackMan Open, we have worked together to develop a digital golf tournament, which adds a fascinating new facet to the world of golf and will play a role in shaping the sport’s future,” said Christian Masanz, Head of BMW Golfsport Marketing. “The BMW TrackMan Open combines high-tech, digitalisation and networking, and allows amateurs and professionals all over the world to take on an entertaining yet demanding challenge. As such, the young, exciting and future-oriented format makes it the perfect addition to the global BMW Golfsport commitment.”

The TrackMan is – usually, on the driving range – placed behind the player and, using camera shots and radar technology, accurately records such data as distance, club head speed and attack angle for each golf shot. As such, it is a valuable analysis and training tool. To enter the BMW TrackMan Open, participants must simply run the “TrackMan Combine Test” – which comprises 60 shots to ten virtual targets. Depending on the accuracy of the shots, a total score of between 0 and 100 points is calculated and transferred to a live leaderboard.

The competition is open to anyone interested, anywhere in the world, and is held in two classes: one competition for women only, and an open category. For the Female Only Tournament, the highest Combine score of the month is rewarded with $2,500 and the highest overall score achieved within the period between May – October earns the player again a prize money of $25,000. For the Open Tournament, the monthly prize money is $5,000, and the overall high score reward is $50,000.  On top of this, the best amateur in each category receives an invitation to play in the Pro-Am tournament at the BMW PGA Championship.

You can find any information and the leaderboards at www.bmwtrackmanopen.com. Furthermore, reports on the tournament will be featured on the social media channels of BMW Golfsport and TrackMan, with the hashtags #bmwtrackmanopen and #DRIVENBYPASSION.

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