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BlauStein & the Association of Corporate Trustees

BlauStein & the Association of Corporate Trustees

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  • BlauStein Business Lawyers is proud to announce the acquisition of new membership status in The Association of Corporate Trustees, TACT. Membership in TACT provides BlauStein with new opportunities for continuous improvement and growth.
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TACT is committed to fostering high standards of corporate trustee services and establishing links with other professional associations in related fields. The main purpose of TACT is to represent the interests of its members, among which are the leading corporate trustees operating in the U.K. Additionally, TACT provides professional assistance on matters of mutual interest in the field of law, taxation, regulation, investment and other related  services.

BlauStein Business Lawyers always aims to deliver the best possible solutions and competent advice to our clients. While maintaining the highest standards in the field of Trust Management, BlauStein is constantly looking for opportunities to improve skills and expertise and reach global expansion. Membership in TACT not only serves as an acknowledgement of professionalism and success, but it also provides valuable access to the most innovative practices and top-notch expertise.

By ensuring that BlauStein Trust Practitioners continuously improve their knowledge through collaboration with best experts and active participation in various professional associations, we can guarantee the provision of high quality services to our clients, who turn to us for experience, expertise, best practices, and last but not least, good governance.

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