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Barco LiveDots launches cost-reducing LED screens for Retail and Advertising

Barco LiveDots launches cost-reducing LED screens for Retail and Advertising

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  • Barco LiveDots, a Barco company, is proud to introduce a brand-new LED display range for outdoor branding and advertising applications. The cutting-edge T platform – currently available with 8 and 10mm pixel pitch – features a unique design that eliminates the need for a custom-calibrated secondary steel structure which is required for conventional tile-based LED screens. Built on self-supporting and scalable cabinets, the T8 and T10 can be directly fastened onto the main attachment points, which significantly cuts the cost of installation and the steel structure.
  • Barco NV

Next to offering outstanding image quality, the T-series also comes with the revolutionary Infinipix image processing platform. Infinipix excels in pixel bandwidth performance, and combines this with fully cloud-based monitoring, control and automated diagnostics. Barco will showcase the T8 at the InfoComm trade show – and the new displays will be commercially available as of July 2014.

“Our T8 and T10 LED displays have a revolutionary design: they no longer come in separate tiles, but in ultra-slim cabinets with a shared power supply and controller and only four alignment points,” comments Carl Rijsbrack, CMO at Barco LiveDots. “In this way, we not only offer customers more flexibility, we also significantly shorten installation and alignment time, and reduce weight dramatically.”

Unique design

A limited set of components allows users to build modular cabinets of any size – consisting of up to eight by five LED modules, with each module measuring 40 by 40 centimeter. As the cabinets are directly attached onto the main structure, there is no need for additional connecting frames or secondary steel structures that are required for traditional installations. Measuring less than 140mm in depth and fully made of aluminum, the slim and lightweight displays can be hung to any wall and internal components and cables can easily be accessed from the front as well as the back, without tools. This design offers installation and construction companies more flexibility to build the specific size they need and speed up installation times. System integrators who have followed Barco’s T-series certification program will be empowered to construct the cabinets from a limited set of core components. Barco has already opened enrollment for the T-series certification program.

A new processing backbone

Together with the new T-series, Barco introduces a unique LED image processing platform, InfinipixTM. Based on fiber or copper 1G or 10G IP technology, the InfinipixTM technology provides higher bandwidth, bit depth and refresh rates to drive larger screens with a single processor. Built around Barco’s proprietary Athena scaler, InfinipixTM scales and crops any image source from the HDMI 1.4 and SDI 3G inputs without artifacts. Standard network cables and integrated fiber cages for long cable runs at an affordable price point are just a few other advantages of the InfinipixTM hardware platform.

Web-based interface

The future-proof InfinipixTM platform provides a web-based interface that enables display configuration, control and monitoring – anywhere, anytime, and from any device. As the system is based on HTML5, devices running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems, or the mobile iOS, Windows Phone and Android can be used to control the LED displays, both on-site and off-site. And its straightforward user interface offers infinite possibilities to suit every need. The system supports SNMP to export monitoring data, but it sends automatic failure alerts and status notifications as well, to minimize operational risk.

Designed for retail and advertising

Thanks to their typhoon test, IP rating, and outdoor SMD technology, the T8 and T10 are ideally suited for fixed installation in 24/7 outdoor retail and advertising applications. The Barco typhoon test certificate – greatly exceeding standard IP test ratings – ensures truly reliable displays that meet the demands of permanent outdoor use and withstand the most severe weather conditions. This testing program, developed in-house, not only evaluates the effect of water and dust (the basis for the IP rating) on the LED display, it also takes the impact of UV rays, varying temperatures, wind load and vibrations into account.

Discover the T8 at InfoComm

The brand-new T8 will be on display at the Barco booth at the InfoComm trade show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas (USA), from 18 – 20 June, booth #C6308.

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