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Barclays extends cheque imaging to half a million android users

Barclays extends cheque imaging to half a million android users

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  • Barclays has today announced the extension of its pioneering mobile cheque imaging service to nearly a million more customers, including 500,000 customers with android phones. In another UK first, the service is also now being made available to iPad users.
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Since the launch of cheque imaging a year ago, nearly three quarters of a million pounds have been deposited by the 30,000 Barclays customers signed up to the mobile cheque imaging tool on their iPhones. The latest roll-out will see this number rise yet higher as more customers are able to benefit from the speed and ease of this time-saving technology.

Mobile cheque imaging is available through the Barclays Mobile Banking app and allows customers to pay in a Barclays cheque of up to £500 within minutes of receiving it. Customers simply need to take a photo of the cheque then complete a few quick steps before the funds are immediately available in their current account.

Barclays Personal and Corporate Banking Chief Executive, Ashok Vaswani, said: “Our customers have welcomed this convenient new way of depositing one of the oldest forms of payment, which is why extending to android phones is an important step forward in giving all customers the ability to pay in cheques using their mobile devices.”

A demo of the technology involved can be viewed here: www.barclays.co.uk/MobileBankingservices/FutureOfCheques/P1242668989519

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