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Castellex Air350 NBC air filtration system for nuclear bunker survival shelter at RISCON 2017 Tokyo


Los Angeles, CA, October 17, 2017 -- RISCON is Japan's largest risk management trade show, an annual event with a reputation for attracting leading security companies and showcasing latest products and technologies for preserving public security and welfare, including in the all-important fight against terrorism and threats of nuclear and chemical attack. Overshadowed by the growing tensions with North Korea and the increased threats to regional players such as Japan and South Korea, RISCON 2017 was all the more relevant and, in this context... Read More »

The Luxury Experience in Africa and The Caribbean


Despite globalization and international exchange of information, Westerners remain under-exposed to African culture and tourist destinations. To address this trend, Excel Travel & Style Magazine provides its invaluable footprint by disseminating positive information about tourist attractions and lifestyle in Africa and the Caribbean. Excel Travel & Style Magazine is a niche luxury travel and lifestyle publication that compliments Excel Magazine International, a high profile celebrity magazine that promotes the positive image of Africa a... Read More »

A Brand New Day at Project FIND


Project FIND is pleased to announce the launch of its new logo and web site redesign, the rebrand is the first for the organization since the year 2000. In consultation with Alembic Community Development, Project FIND completed a strategic plan last summer, which in conjunction with a robust strengthening of internal systems and board governance had a strong focus on developing a new logo and brand approach for the organization, as it approaches its 50th Anniversary in 2019. From its start Project FIND has pioneered an innovative model of... Read More »

Grammy Winners and famed TV/ Film producers are Jury Panel members in support of GPSA


The almost 700 hundred musicians who gathered to honor the first annual Global Peace Song Award (GPSA) winners in February of this year prompt the contest to extend the final entry date until April 22, 2017.  The GPSA, is thought to be the first ever worldwide contest to find the most inspiring music and videos that promote the message of world peace.   The GPSA was the brainchild of Steve Robertson, Founder/CEO of which is based in Los Angeles, CA. Famed Jury Panel members for the 2017 GPSA contest consisted of: Mari... Read More »

Advance Your Career With The New Breakthrough Book, “You Got the Job! Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality”

You Got the Job!

Career business Professionals and Job Seekers have a new breakthrough book being launched on March 20th, 2017 by influential Executive Recruiter and author, Angelo Giallombardo. This practical, hands on book helps career professionals to advance their careers through a proven system to get the job of their dreams within 60 days. Career professionals face new career and job acquisition challenges daily. They often lack the practical skills, knowledge, strategies, and tactics to get the job they’re desperate to find. Based on over 15 years of ... Read More »

Mom’s $10 Deadbolt Accessory – A Godsend says Police


The Risk of a Home Invasion has never been greater. The problem bump keys are sold online which inspired an Oregon Mom to invent $10 deadbolt accessory that stops anyone from unlocking your door. This mom discovered if the deadbolt handle is held in the locked position it can’t be unlocked and invented a durable hook & loop fabric lock called Super-Grip-Lock to do that job. It turns a deadbolt into a privacy lock that cannot be opened with any key. * Police call it a Godsend. No tools are needed. Directions are on the product. Just at... Read More »

Physicians’ 16 Tips For Better Sleep


Using a controlled release melatonin supplement and a daytime nap can both lower blood pressure in the range of 5 to 7 points. Moving your sleeping room to the side of your home or apartment furthest from a busy road will lower your blood pressure further. These and other insights into connections between sleep and blood pressure are found in the book, "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control." Authored by practicing clinicians (physicians David DeRose and Greg Steinke along with nurse practitioner Trudie Li), the book provides perhaps th... Read More »

“Unbreakable” New Year’s Resolution: Help Your Blood Pressure, Help Indigenous Peoples


First Nation peoples, like Native Americans, are respected by natural medicine practitioners for their insights into effective non-drug approaches for disease. Dr. David DeRose, host of the syndicated health radio broadcast, "American Indian Living," has teamed up with another physician, Dr. Greg Steinke, and a nurse practitioner, Trudie Li, to author "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control." This new book describes many of the best natural therapies--like those valued by indigenous practitioners--for high blood pressure. For example, th... Read More »

Northwestern Mutual presents Soar Women’s Empowerment 2nd Annual Summit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Northwestern Mutual presents Soar Women's Empowerment 2nd Annual Summit Restoring, Reviving, and Rebuilding Women in Our Communities "It's the year of Elevation" Soar Women's Empowerment Summit is the definitive global market and conference for women around the world, and a must attend event for women, entrepreneurs, business professionals, book authors, film producers, and those seeking growth building opportunities. SWES's 2017 highlight moments will be live streaming in over 188 countries accessible from any mobile device compliments o... Read More »

MSU’s Online Graduate Courses For Science Teachers Open For Spring Registration


Montana State University’s online graduate courses for science teachers are now open for Spring 2017 registration. The courses are all part of MSU Extended University’s National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN). Courses start dates range from Jan. 23 through mid-March. Students are encouraged to register by Jan. 15, as enrollment requires admission to MSU. Spring 2017 courses include 13 offerings in microbiology; physics; earth science; nutrition; land resources and environmental science (LRES); and education, curriculum and instruction (... Read More »

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