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Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. to be Established Reinforcing Imaging Business


As part of its mid-term corporate strategy announced on February 18, 2015, Sony outlined its intention to sequentially split out the business units within Sony to form new subsidiary companies. The aim of these measures is to ensure clearly attributable accountability and responsibility from the perspective of shareholders, management policies with an emphasis on sustainable profit generation, acceleration of decision-making processes and reinforcement of business competitiveness. The establishment of Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. ... Read More »

Gazprom to secure reliable gas supplies to Armenian consumers in coming winter


The parties discussed cooperation in the gas sector, placing a special focus on the preparations for the 2016–2017 autumn/winter period. It was noted that Gazprom would secure reliable gas supplies to consumers in the coming winter. To that end, gas reserves accumulation continues at the Abovyanskoye UGS facility with the purpose of easing peak loads. Enlarged photo (PNG, 89 KB) The meeting also touched upon the General Scheme of Gas Supply to and Gasification of the Armenian Republic, a draft of which had been developed by Gazprom. Al... Read More »



Reported figures Group’s net sales +3.2% to Euro 2,225 million at current exchange rates (+3.5% at constant exchange rates)  Wholesale segment’s net sales: -3.2% at current exchange rates to Euro 800 million (-3.6% at constant exchange rates) Retail segment’s net sales: +7.2% at current exchange rates on a reported basis to Euro 1,425 million (+7.9% at constant exchange rates on a reported basis) Adjusted figures Group’s adjusted net sales +1.2% to Euro 2,225 million at current exchange rates (+1.4% at constant exchange rat... Read More »

P&G Hosts Chief Executive Magazine’s CEO Talent Summit


Last week, a group of over 125 CEOs and HR executives from small- to medium-sized companies came to P&G’s Cincinnati headquarters to share ideas and insights around the topic of talent at Chief Executive Magazine’s 2016 CEO Talent Summit. P&G has been broadly and consistently regarded as one of the world’s best companies for leaders, including our ranking on Chief Executive Magazine’s Top 40 Companies for Leaders list every year since 2007. Several current P&G leaders comprised the list of speakers at the Summit, including: D... Read More »

Hitachi Establishes High-Efficiency Production Model Using IoT at Omika Works


For many years, Hitachi has been striving to enhance the manufacturing efficiency as well as quality at Omika Works. At the same time, as part of Hitachi Group's "Hitachi Smart Transformation Project", an "RFID*2Production Monitoring System" has been introduced, which eliminates redundancies by making use of about 80,000 RFID tags to visualize the processes. In addition, efforts have been made to shift toward high-mix low-volume manufacturing that is highly efficient, flexible and sustainable. One of the examples is by introducing a "Modular De... Read More »

Three retailers speed up their mobile sites and join the top 10 list


The North Face, APMEX Inc. and Amway Global are newcomers to the top 10 list on this month’s mobile site performance index, provided by digital performance analytics company Catchpoint Systems Inc. The North Face, which is owned by VF Corp., No. 92 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide, jumped 16 spots to No. 5 on the October index, which is based onmobile site data for the two weeks Sept. 26-Oct. 9. APMEX (No. 42 in the Top 500) jumped eight spots to No. 6, as did Amway (No. 43) to No. 7. These three retailers bumped Read More »

Abigail Reynolds begins her BMW Art Journey


BMW Art Journey winner Abigail Reynolds (represented by ROKEBY, London) has begun the first leg of her journey along the Silk Road, which sees her travel by motorbike to visit the sites of ‘lost libraries’ she has come across in her research. Reynolds is the third BMW Art Journey winner and will be the second artist to unveil her work at Art Basel’s Hong Kong show, following work by previous winner Samson Young which debuted at this year’s edition. Reynolds is currently completing the first stage of her tour, and has so far travelled from the U... Read More »

Citizen Scientists Discover Potential New Hunting Ground for Exoplanets


A paper, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters and coauthored by eight citizen scientists involved in the discovery, describes a newly identified red dwarf star, AWI0005x3s, and its warm circumstellar disk, the kind associated with young planetary systems. Most of the exoplanets, which are planets outside our solar system, that have been imaged to date dwell in disks similar to the one around AWI0005x3s.   The disk and its star are located in what is dubbed the Carina association – a large, loose grouping of similar stars in... Read More »

Nestlé Professional Supports International Chef’s Day 2016


A cooking demo, hands on activities, and even the chance to play with their food and create “Art on a Plate” masterpieces using fruits, vegetables and grains that the kids may not be familiar with will round out the day. The team from Nestlé Professional will focus on nutrition education and equipping students with a bit of culinary skill and industry knowledge so they understand what is possible if they choose to pursue a career as a chef. For pictures and ideas for healthy eating, follow us on Twitter. While International Chef’s Day is ... Read More »

Jaguar Land Rover drives forward connected and autonomous vehicle technologies


Connected and Autonomous Vehicle technologies are one of Jaguar Land Rover’s research priorities. It is creating a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles to develop and test a wide range of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle technologies over the next four years. Ultimately, these technologies will enhance the driving experience as well as making driving smarter, safer and even cleaner in the years to come. Tony Harper, Head of Research, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “We know that there’s a huge potential for these technologies in future vehicles... Read More »

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