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Author: Donald Hood

Pop-Up Luxury Glamping Service Launches in British Columbia


For those looking to experience the remote regions of British Columbia where rugged meets luxury. Butiq Escapes has launched a service that lets you experience nature without having to do any of the hard stuff. Butiq Escapes, a premiere provider of luxury travel experiences in British Columbia, is launching a new pop-up glamping service for adventurers who want to camp in style. The service will cater to those interested in experience the trend in glamping (glamor camping) without having to commit to buying all the materials or spend countle... Read More »

NIIT rolls out revolutionary Cloud Campus in China


Shanghai (China)/ New Delhi (India): NIIT, a global leader in skills and talent development, has launched its innovative and proven Cloud CampusTMinternationally, with it going live in China. This is a significant milestone in the proliferation of this scalable customer engagement and learning delivery platform. As part of this rollout in China, NIIT has extended the break-through Cloud Campus platform to support learners in Mandarin. Additionally, extensive feedback was taken from Instructors and Learners to ensure that the 6 unique Cloud Camp... Read More »

Cornea Specialist, Cataract & LASIK Surgeon Adam Sise, M.D. Joins Eyecare Medical Group in Portland, Maine


Portland-South Portland, ME - Dr. Sise sees patients for refractive surgery such as Bladeless LASIK, as well for the diagnosis and treatment of corneal disease including corneal transplants using both traditional cornea surgery and transplant techniques and advanced techniques such as DSAEK (Decemet's Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty). Dr. Sise also provides cataract surgery and lens implants including toric lens implants for astigmatism and multifocal lens implants to help patients eliminate reading glasses and bifocals after catar... Read More »

clickBakers exhibiting at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference by iGB


The clickBakers' team has attended one of the largest gaming industry conferences in the world - The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference organized by iGB last week in Amsterdam. It was the first conference in the gaming vertical for clickBakers and proved to be very efficient in terms of new industry connections, meeting affiliates, game providers, operators and digital marketers from the industry. Benefiting from a large audience of thousands of participants and professionals in the gaming industry, clickBakers had a stellar opportunity to showc... Read More »

Axia Consultants will attend the ‘Invest Tokyo Seminar, 2015′


Held with the intention of attracting new talent, professional expertise and investment with which to transform the city's business environment, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will host its Invest Tokyo Seminar 2015, during which it will seek to encourage foreign companies to expand their businesses to Tokyo, The event which will be held on April the 22nd at the Jiji Press Hall, will see representatives from local and prefectural governments, financial service providers as well as foreign business interests, planning to establish a presence ... Read More »

Sweet as Sugar Children’s Boutique to sponsor 2015 Bentley and Lace Fashion Show


Sweet as Sugar, downtown Plano's new baby and children's boutique located at 930 E. 15th Street, Suite 300, announced today their participation and sponsorship of the 2015 Bentley and Lace Fashion Show that will be held July 12th at Lofty Spaces in Dallas, Texas. This year's show theme is "Millésime (vintage in French) Style Show" and will feature over 30 aspiring models (ages 5-15) from all over the United States. Each year Bentley and Lace's goal is to strengthen self confidence, self esteem, and self worth, in each young model that partic... Read More » announces the increasing popularity of its Cameras category


The camera application did gain popularity, but only a fancy which delights users who need it for spontaneous applications like taking an unprofessional snap of their friend's newborn baby. However, for professional grade photos the likes of which would either inspire or make a journalist jealous, a real camera has to be used. Of course high-end smartphone manufacturers have been tweaking their devices' camera capabilities for long enough and are currently able to produce a quality similar to that of dedicated high-end cameras but the zeal of t... Read More »

Local Hospital sends team to Clear View Bag to see Lean Manufacturing in action


Hospital group interacts with the Clear View management team to share experiences on the implementation of lean manufacturing. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY - A group of from the Albany Medical Center recently visited Clear View Bag to tour the facility and to see lean manufacturing principles in action. Led by Don Wiesenforth, Assistant Director of Innovation at the Medical Center, the group interacted with the Clear View management team to share experiences on the implementation of lean manufacturing for the custom plastic bag manufacturer. ... Read More »

Over half of Europeans aren’t investing in the stock market


When it comes to putting money in the stock market, more than half of Europe is opting out. According to a new survey from AEG Financial, some 52% of Europeans say they don't own any stocks, even as the market has enjoyed positive returns for the last six years and counting. The most common reason people are staying out of the market is straightforward: They say they lack the money to invest. Yet perceptions about the complexity and riskiness of the stock market are also reason enough for people to steer clear. Roughly a fifth of peopl... Read More »

Payroll Software: Ezpaycheck 2015 makes it easy to handle 401K and other deductions


Small business payroll tax software ezPaycheck makes it easy to calculate payroll taxes and print pay checks. The new 2015 edition also includes flexible features to handle 401K, health insurance, child support and others deductions and taxes. "Small businesses can process paychecks easily and inexpensively in house with ezPaycheck payroll software. Employers get easy options to deduct 401K benefits from employee paychecks with ezPaycheck payroll software. " explains Dr. Ge, President and Founder of Customers seeking a w... Read More »

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