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Arqiva: Connecting the UK’s smart cities

Arqiva: Connecting the UK’s smart cities

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  • Internet of Things connectivity is essential for the UK’s cities to compete and grow. Cities with 21st century digital infrastructure are in the best position to attract investment and talent; using digital services to drive social and economic regeneration.
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The latest digital wave of growth is coming from the internet of things (IoT) – connecting millions of devices or “things” to drive actionable intelligence, bringing massive benefits to businesses and citizens alike. This connected intelligence helps cities tackle many of the big challenges they face today from reducing pollution, enhancing security, through to efficient heating and lighting.

The UK’s leading cities possess the capability and ingenuity to become world IoT leaders, as we have already shown in the digital creative industries and hi-tech life sciences. Yet we are being held back from realising the full potential of the IoT because we lack the right infrastructure.

The UK can take a lead by grasping the full potential of the internet of things, to make our cities more attractive, drive economic growth and improve people’s day-to-day lives. It is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss.

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