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13-year-old girl from Thailand wins the International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment, organized by UNEP and Bayer

13-year-old girl from Thailand wins the International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment, organized by UNEP and Bayer

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  • Just under 700,000 entries from 110 countries / UNEP Executive Director Steiner: “Young artists showed they understand the crucial role of water as most fundamental resource” / 2014 competition started on Food Waste. Leverkusen, August 27, 2013 – A smiling child, standing waist-deep in a marine environment, raises its arms in delight. It is at one with nature, with the fish, plants, elephants, starfish and unicorns that surround it. The sea is painted in different shades of blue, uniting the sky and the Earth.
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Strands of life emanate from the globe like streams, each ending in a different form of life. With this imaginative painting, 13-year-old Chiratchaya Kaeokamkong from Thailand won the 22nd International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Bayer on the subject of “Water: The Source of Life. Where Does It Come From?”

Together with the runner-up, 14-year-old Wesley Gong from the United States, and the six regional winners, Chiratchaya will receive her prize in New York on September 18, 2013. In addition to the trip, the children will receive cash prizes – USD 2,000 for the global winner, USD 1,000 each for the runner-up in the global competition and the regional winners – and additional material prizes.

Bayer and UNEP organized this unique competition, in which just under 700,000 children from 110 countries participated, as part of their global partnership. Other project partners include the Japan-based Foundation for Global Peace and Environment and Nikon.

The young Thai says she wanted her painting to show that “water is a very important resource, which we should conserve and keep clean for the next generation”.

“We chose the theme of the 22nd painting competition to underline that water does not come from taps or even plastic bottles bought at the supermarket – it is generated by nature and supplied by forests and wetlands to rivers and lakes,” says UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner. “These budding young artists showed that they not only understand the crucial role of water as most fundamental resource, but the impacts on humans and wildlife when we damage and degrade our water-generating environment in the name of progress.”

“It’s impressive to see the children’s level of awareness of the global water issue and how they use their imagination to express this in pictures,” said Dr. Michael Preuss, head of Corporate Policy and Media Relations at Bayer. “The winning picture demonstrates the expectations of the younger generation and is an appeal to everyone to actively support the conservation of water.

Following preliminary selection in the world regions, a jury of educators and representatives of UNEP, Bayer, the Foundation for Global Peace and Environment and Nikon selected the winners plus some 50 additional pictures to be displayed first in New York and then in exhibitions around the globe. Winners were selected on the basis of three criteria: Was the theme communicated clearly? Was it visualized in an interesting way? Does the picture convey a strong message?

View a gallery of the children’s artworks at:

You can download an short animation of the winning painting at:

Start of the 2014 competition on the subject of food waste

Starting now, children all over the world who will be between the ages of six and 14 on World Environment Day, which is June 5, 2014, can submit pictures to the 23rd Painting Competition on the Environment. The motto is “Food Waste. Save the Planet – Save Food, Wasting Food is Wasting the Planet.” It is estimated that each year one third of all the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted.

The closing date for entries is March 15, 2014. Each child may submit one painting, which must not have been entered in any other competition. Any materials may be used. The pictures must be in DIN A4 or A3 format and labeled on the back with the participant’s first name, last name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Pictures should be sent by regular mail to UNEP’s European office:
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Regional Office for Europe
International Environment House
11-13 Chemin des Anémons
1219 Châtelaine, Geneva

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